Palm Readings of Magnet: Your Future Foretold

Palmam lectiones proclamari.


The key to your future.

Hands. You use them for everything from working, to shaking hands when meeting new people, to holding up your head as you contemplate life. Suffice it to say, hands can reveal a lot about the people we truly are. Now, as we all know, palm reading is the most exact science there is. There is no better way to get a deeper insight into who you are as a person and interpret your future.

I wrote my song “Slow Hands” based off this article.

— Niall Horan

Getting down to the basics, there are 5 main lines you need to know about:

Life line: This is the line everyone has, it starts at your wrist and extends up in an arc towards the space between your thumb and index finger. Your life line doesn’t reveal how long you will live, instead it demonstrates your general views for life and path you will take. A long, deep, unbroken line demonstrates that you are a strong, dependable person.

Head line: This line starts where your life line ends and extends through the middle of your palm. Through understanding the head line, you can get to know more about your learning style, ability to communicate, and overall drive and passion for learning. A curved line shows that you are creative and spontaneous while a straight line shows that you are logical and realistic.

Heart line: Your heart line resides just above your head line. This line shows your emotional stability, feelings toward relationships, life happiness, and literal health of your heart.

Fate line: The fate line runs up the center of your hand. A strong, defined fate line means that you have a definite path your on and destiny that calls to you. Your fate has something in store. However, if you don’t have a fate line or a faint one, this means that your path in life is not set and is able to change freely.

Sun line: The sun line is next to your fate line. Many people don’t even have this line so if you do, congrats. Having this line present signifies a refined taste in art and a sign of your talent and popularity. If you are without one, sorry, you’re unpopular and lack talent.

Now we will demonstrate how to read some palms of people from around the school more holistically.

John Conley

John Conley’s palm, which is bigger than my entire head, indicates that he has a strong future.  His heart line curves up under his middle finger and is straight and parallel with his head line; he is logical when it comes to his future and love life.  His life line is long and sturdy, indicating vitality.  However, John does not have a sun line – he is not popular, successful, or talented.  Sorry John.



Hannah O

Hannah’s heart line is straight and parallel to her head line as well.  Her hand indicates that she has a strong handle on her emotions deep down, despite between spastic on the surface.  Her life line branches, which means a sudden change is in her future.  She might be pregnant.




Rachel Ackerman

Rachel’s heart line is very curvy, indicating that she freely expresses her emotions.  Her fate line is very faint, showing that she determines her own future and is not controlled by a set destiny.  Her life line is also very faint.  We don’t know what this means, but maybe she’s not actually alive and has been a ghost this whole time.



This palm is very convoluted and hard to read.  There is a lot of breakage present, indicating a lot of strife in her life.  This is most likely due to the amateur guitar players practicing right next to her.




Lyle Johnson

Lyle’s heart line is very long and straight, meaning he is content with his love life.  His head line is average; his brain is unremarkable.  His life line has little crosses running across it, indicating that changes in his life have occurred.  The spirits are telling us that he moved from Alaska in approximately 6th grade.



Yuna Zhao

We see KPOP in Yuna’s future due to her prominent fate line.  Her heart line branches off, indicating a potential heartbreak.  Her head line is one of the most unique we have ever encountered throughout our years in the business – it is very short and abruptly changes direction.  This shows a short attention span, among other things.



Grace Fellows

Her heart and head line are parallel, meaning Grace is in touch with her emotions and has a good handle on them.  Her fate line is very faint, meaning she makes decisions on a whim and does not have a set destiny.




Natalie Aversano

Natalie’s heart line is rather short.  She may have heart disease.  Her head line is wavy, meaning she is easily distracted and adventurous.  Her life line is completely broken in half, meaning that she experienced a sudden change in lifestyle at some point.



Jared Lipton

His heart line curves up toward his middle finger while his head line curves the other way.  We sense some cognitive dissonance and an identity crisis at some point.  His life line is wavy and broken, meaning he was hospitalized in his past.  The almost complete lack of a fate line indicates that he is destined never to eat peanut butter.  His hand indicates a strong peanut allergy.


Sra. Shields

Ah yes, Senora Shields, the wisest of us all. As you may know from interactions with her, Senora is very in touch with her creative side and loves art and culture. These traits line up with her long, curved headline, and a deep sun line. Her prominent fate line signifies that she has maintained a strong path in life and she’s exactly where she needs to be, especially moving forward into her retirement. Her life line shows that she is content with who she is and what she has achieved in life, as she should be!



Mrs. Hurt

Next up, we have the Queen of the Talon, Mrs. Hurt. By looking at her long, curved head line, it makes sense why this creative woman spearheads the school newspaper and serves as an outstanding AP Lang teacher. Mrs. Hurt’s life line is long and touches her fate line, meaning that her path has been laid out for her, and she has been on that path for a while. This makes sense because she has been a teacher for her whole working life.




Jessica Forney

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica… As we can see from her sun line, she is destined for popularity. Whether this is good or bad popularity is yet to be determined, but people will indeed know her name. Not to mention, her fate line touches her life line, meaning that this path to stardom has been a long time in the making! We we will all definitely see her on TV someday, maybe at the Oscars or maybe on a wanted poster.




Up next: our foot readings article.  Send foot pics 😉