How to Pick the Best Magnet Parking Spot

Or At Least Try


After a long school day, we know that the last thing you want to do is sit helplessly in a line of traffic that seems to stretch to the ends of the earth. Trust me, as a current senior, I sympathize with this sentiment. Every day in the parking lot, I find myself wondering what I could do to possibly escape the gates of Magnet quicker. So, after months of comprehensive research, I’ve come to one conclusion, the one variable that determines how long your wait will be. The answer lies in the parking spot.

The Magnet Parking Lot is really a pretty simple system. With multiple routes converging to one main exit, there’s not much complex calculus in figuring out the fastest way out. Whichever way you choose to go, whether it be the student line or carpool line, your wait time all depends on the location of your parking spot. Now, in order to determine the best parking spot, one must consider a variety of factors. The distance from the exits, distance from the school, and the ability to quickly back out are all critical in selecting a spot.

The Space Right Next to the Walkway (Space 8):

This spot’s location makes it an obvious candidate for best spot. The current owner of this spot, Alanah Colestock, says that her spot allows her to come in at 8:29 every morning and still be on time. In addition, she says that this spot definitely helps in getting out of the parking lot early as she can be the first one into her car after school.

I love my spot, it’s the best one”

— Alanah Colestock

The Space Closest to the Exit:

While this spot may leave you the longest walk to school every day, it also allows you to be one of the first people out of the parking lot. You just have to be sure that you sprint across the parking lot as soon as school gets out. Otherwise, you’ll no doubt be left in a lengthy line of traffic that will leave you cursing your boom or bust parking spot.

The Gravel Lot:

Surprisingly, most of these spaces are actually pretty effective in getting you out of the parking lot quickly. The secret lies in their close proximity to the school, so most students from this lot can be the first into the carpool line. Jacob Schar, a current junior, does note that it can take a long time to get out this way if you don’t run out quickly.

After thorough review, there are certainly a few parking spaces that can help in your quick departure from school. However, as you pick your spot for next year, just keep in mind that the location is just as important as how quickly you get out to your car. Good luck and speedy travels!