Galing Foundation Book Drive to Support Children in the Philippines

Donating your old books can make a difference


Filipino children reading books donated by the Galing Foundation

Just one book can make a big impact on someone. Whether it is a grandiose piece of classic literature or simply the Harry Potter series, the power of words is undeniable.

Books getting ready to be shipped off to the Philippines

Throughout now until the end of AMHS service week, Academic Magnet High School will be having a book and school supply drive to support the education of children in the Philippines as the senior class service project. AMHS is partnering with the Galing Foundation to send all of the donations to communities in the Philippines. Many of the children that receive these donations are able to gain more educational opportunities through the support that these materials provide, also allowing the literacy rate in the Philippines to increase as more children learn to read.


The Galing Foundation’s goal is to promote the importance of English and functional literacy by helping Filipino indigent children in rural areas gain access to quality educational materials at local public schools, day care centers, and libraries. They are also working to build a legacy of hope in transforming a new generation through the power of literacy. The books and supplies will be going to more than 700 children in grades K-12 in addition to children with special needs as well.

Children getting books and school supplies

Better educational opportunities are one of the number one ways to combat poverty, sex trafficking, and other issues around the world. By providing children with more education, they can use the opportunities available to them to improve their own lives in addition to the lives of people around them. We often may take our own education for granted, but others don’t have the same opportunities that we have.


Please donate any books and school supplies that you have! School supplies should be brand new, but books do not have to be. All grades are encouraged to donate items, however an emphasis will be placed on the senior class to have ____ books/school supplies by the end of service week. For books, you can donate fiction books, nonfiction books, academically related books/textbooks, and more. School supplies include pencils, pens, notebooks, backpacks, and more. All of the donated items will be shipped to schools and libraries in the Philippines in balikbayan boxes.

Books available for kids to read

Any donations will be greatly appreciated, and you will also be able to know that you are supporting a lot of children to have better educational opportunities. So, take a minute or so to go through your old bookshelf to see which books you don’t want or need anymore and consider donating them to the Galing Foundation. Your donation can make a difference!