MLB Top Prospect Rookie Predictions

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    BA: .322 HR: 28 RBI: 86

Being perhaps the best offensive prospect in the history of the game, Vladdy Jr possesses the skill and the bloodlines necessary to make it in the bigs. He should step on the scene as a top threat at the plate and provide ample middle of the order pop for the struggling Blue Jays. After hitting .381 with 20 bombs in the minors last year, the whole baseball world is excited to see what this kid can do. Maybe one day he can eclipse his Hall of Fame father.

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    BA: .284 HR: 23 RBI: 75

  • Tatis possesses similar esteem in the likes of Vladdy Jr. with his plus tools across the board. His potential of a high average mixed with plus power and speed is a rare combination. He should be able to step into the lineup and immediately be an impact 20/20 guy. The Padres’ future appears bright as their left side of the infield appears to be solid for years to come. He and Machado will provide enough star power to light up the San Diego score boards.
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    BA: .292 HR: 34 RBI: 90

Being an average to slightly below average defender, Eloy’s thunderous bat is his carrying tool. Graded as a plus average hitter and plus plus power guy, Jimenez will provide middle of the order assurance for the White Sox. He has the bat speed and contact to be one of the league’s premier power hitters and a 40 bomb season does not seem too far fetched.

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    BA: .276 HR: 12 RBI: 69

This future Gold Glove candidate has elite speed and range in center paired with a plus plus arm. His athleticism is off the charts and he should wind up with 30 bags by the end of the year. His bat is sufficient enough to slide into the leadoff spot in the Nationals’ order. His top end speed and defense will ultimately carry this kid through a strong rookie season as he looks to jump start a wonderful career.

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    BA: .280 HR: 19 RBI: 67

  • Formerly the number one overall pick, this slick fielding short stop is tooled up across the board. While being only 19 years old, Lewis currently runs extremely well and hits like a veteran. The Twins desperately need a top of the order blazer who could wreak havoc on the base paths and score a multitude of runs. He has yet to disappoint the organization and some added strength this off season should only propel him into one of the league’s top talents in no time
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    BA: .305 HR: 21 RBI: 87

Senzel, who missed many games last year with a broken finger, should be a deadly combo back to back with Joey Votto in the lineup. This young bat next to a yearly MVP contender will scare opposing pitchers on a nightly basis. The Tennessee talent possesses plus tools in all five aspects of the game and should one day transform into an all star caliber player. While he does not have a true position in the field, the Reds will surely find a spot for this young hopeful hitter.

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    Innings: 126.1 K: 143 OBA: .212

  • This 6 foot 7 flamethrower hurls a fastball that flirts with triple digits coupled with a slider from hell and a plus plus change up. While he does need to refine his command, Whitley has the stuff to be an all star and may end up being a Randy Johnson-esque “effectively wild” pitcher. Next to Gerritt Cole, Justin Verlander, and Lance McCullers, the Astros rotation has enough fire power to propel them to another World Series win.


  • 8


    BA: .298 HR: 27 RBI: 103

  • After a rough few games in the show last year, Tucker will look to bounce back on this stacked roster of the Astros. With the power and speed to be an immediate 30/30 guy, he will provide legit back of the order pop and sure up a spot in the outfield next to George Springer. His sub-par defensive play may slide him into the DH role for Houston, but his bat will no doubt be showcased.
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    BA: .325 HR: 24 RBI: 72

This outfielder hits for good pop and average despite being just an average runner. He, like many other young guns, prove that the Twins can be contenders in the near future with some bright young talent on the come up.

  • 10


    BA: .289 HR: 34 RBI: 98

A long time minor leaguer, Rodgers’ rise from the prep ranks has been a long awaited one. He was viewed as one of the best bats to ever come out of high school with sufficient speed and a cannon for an arm. He, Trevor Story, and Nolan Arenado will be a scary infield for the rest of the NL West as all have the potential to put up MVP type numbers.

  • 11


    BA: .308 HR: 31 RBI: 87

Being another Blue Jay prospect with Major League bloodlines, this 21 year old slugger has the pop and speed for top of the order impact and a sure glove to secure the middle. While he may not be a burner, he surprised many with his 32 bags last year. He and Vladdy Jr will be a fun left side of the infield for the future of the game. This future allstar is graded as a plus plus hitter with enough flash to draw fans to the park.