2019 Talent Show

All you need to know about this year’s talent show


Get ready to see the talent of Magnet!!

In about a week, the best talent from all of Academic Magnet High School will join together for an exhilarating performance. It will induce goose bumps, tears, and hopefully laughter. March 14th at the Rose Maree Theater at SOA will change your life forever for only 5 dollars at the door.

I, Kate Kuisel, am one of the hosts of the Talent Show alongside Ean Tucker. I have some insider tips on how to make the most of your talent show experience. First off, the hosts will be selling shoutouts the week before the talent show during lunch. Pay some money to have us read anything you want (that is appropriate) to the talent show crowd. You could ask someone to prom, shoutout your friends, or tell a funny joke. The next tip is to get there early, the good seats will fill up quickly and you want to be close to the action. Finally, once you arrived at the talent show be sure to silence your phones so everyone can enjoy the experience in peace.

Rachel Maile, a talent show attendee, says her shoutout is going to be the US nuclear codes to be sure to attend.

Both Ean and Kate have been practicing some special performances for you guys. One being a throwback song, and another is a large tongue twister. You will have to find out what these surprises are.

Some of the performances include Sam Carson performing 3 different times, as well as Gage Andrews in 3 other performances. Some of the tunes will be from your parents’ time, so they will be able to enjoy the show as well. However, some of the tunes are twists on some modern classics. The Chorus Club will be performing for Magnet for the first time, with the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

Mrs. Hurt has been a longtime judge of the talent show, however she is going to see Elton John’s talent show instead. She would rather enjoy his talent, instead of Magnet’s talent. We need to show her up.

My co-host Ean Tucker says that the talent show will, “knock your socks, and pants off.”

“I am really really excited” says avid fan Andrew Zimlich.

Talent show performer Rachel Walmet says that “Our performance would be the most revolutionary show of all time, but the drama of show biz might prevent the world from ever seeing it.”

Attire will be casual, however it does not hurt to show off.