Quiz Bowl 2019 Season

Come out and support the Academic Magnet Quiz Bowl team every Thursday evening at Burke. Go Raptors!


Magnet's Varsity and JV Academic Teams

You, with your paint-stained faces and brimming Raptor spirit, have gone to our football, basketball, and maybe even lacrosse games, to support your classmates and peers. But have you stepped out of the realm of physical sports to support our very own Quiz Bowl team? You should! It’s basically equivalent to being in the audience of a live Jeopardy game.

Last Thursday, I went to the one and only Burke High cheer on the Raptors, and had a chance to speak with our players before the match. Emma Heeke, 11, (@emmaheeke on quizlet) would like to take this time to stress that she is “not Quizlet-girl!” and resents that characterization.

In regard to the upcoming season, Abby Keating, 12, commented that she is, “looking forward to it. We should be able to win. First of all, I would consider myself a trivia addict…I also enjoy competitions. So that’s generally a fun time.” Abby added: “I don’t want it to come across in the article that I take Quiz Bowl too seriously, but I wrote about it for my common app essay.”

Chase Mitchum, 12, informed me of the Magnet Quiz Bowl track record:  “We’ve won every year that I’ve been on the team. So, hopefully, we’ll continue our streak. I don’t want to jinx us, but I think we have a good chance.”

I don’t want to jinx us, but I think we have a good chance”

— Chase Mitchum

When asked if he was excited for the match last Thursday, Daniel Kilo, 12, unenthusiastically responded, “I mean, yeah, I guess, sure, I’m excited.” Good thing he’s better at knowing random facts than feigning excitement! William Kronsberg, 11, notes that the team “lost some key players last year,” but is swiftly “finding their groove”. Stephen Hilton, 12, agrees, and says, “It’s great to work with people who have drastically different skill sets and attitudes and still work as a perfect unit. And winning doesn’t hurt either.”

The Academic Team (Quiz Bowl) began the Spring 2019 season on Thursday, January 24, 2019.  All matches will be held at Burke High School, with two (2) JV matches from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm and continuing with two (2) Varsity matches from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. Come out to Burke on Thursday nights to support our undefeated Raptors!

Varsity Schedule:

Jan 24 :  vs. James Island Charter & West Ashley

Jan. 31:  vs. Wando & St. Johns

Feb. 7:  vs. R.B. Stall & Charleston School of the Arts


Feb.  21:  vs. Burke & Playoff Game 1

Feb. 28: Playoff Game 2

Mar. 7: Playoff Game 3/ Mixed Teams Match

Mar. 12:  FINALS held at 75 Calhoun Street at 6:00 pm!