The Former Souls of Magnet: Where are They Now? (Edition II)

Liza explores the current lives of former Raptor students and teachers.

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The Former Souls of Magnet: Where are They Now? (Edition II)

The long-awaited second edition of the lives of former Magnet students [and teachers] is here! Readers, be prepared for the surprising, compelling, heartwarming journeys of your favorite ex-Raptors. Life beyond the nest has never been better for Mr. Corson and Caroline Anderson! (Side note: I tried to contact Mr. Wright, but he has yet to respond. It seems PSA is keeping him busy!)

First up is Mr. Corson, the inspiring computer science genius that served as a beacon of hope in frantic freshmen times. Mr. Corson, once the hallmark teacher of ninth grade, has an undeniably unforgettable absence. His memory continues to lurk in the computer science hallway, as well as in all of the Raptors’ hearts. While AMHS mourns, Mr. Corson has been furthering his computing knowledge to pursue his teaching dreams. If there’s one thing we knew Mr. Corson for, it was his unwavering passion for helping students learn—and despite his transitioning of locations, that hasn’t changed.

When I emailed Mr. Corson asking him to give me an update on his life and whether he misses Magnet, he told me:

“First of all, hello Raptors! I hope that each of you is doing well!

As everyone is aware, I am now teaching Cyber Security at West Ashley High School. I am also teaching Game Design and this class is a lot of fun! Everything is going very well. The students have NOT “chewed me up & spit me out” as so many Raptors alluded to before I left. In actuality, it is quite the opposite. People do not give West Ashley High School the respect it deserves! The students are awesome and they are kids just like at the Magnet, they just happen to attend a different high school.

Personally, I have enjoyed my first nine weeks at West Ashley! I am still trying to get acclimated to a new curriculum. This past summer I spent two long, hot, dry weeks in Chico, CA for training and I finally got to visit San Francisco. Probably the hardest thing to get used to in regards to teaching at West Ashley High School is the long drive. I hope everyone at the Magnet is doing well and to answer your question Liza, yes, I do miss the Magnet. Teaching here is different from the Magnet but I forgot how much I enjoy teaching students of different learning styles and academic levels. It certainly makes teaching more challenging but it also helps to remind me of why I became a teacher in the first place, the joy of helping my students achieve their goals, academic or not!

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Corson”

Probably the hardest thing to get used to in regards to teaching at West Ashley High School is the long drive.”

— Mr. Corson

Thank you so much for sharing with me, Mr. Corson! I, along with all of my fellow Raptors, are glad to hear you’re doing well. You’re a wonderful teacher and it makes us happy to hear you’re helping other kids!

Next up is Caroline Anderson, a veteran of the AMHS class of 2019 that left the nest her Junior year. Caroline, known for her incredible artistic abilities, uplifting humor, and great fashion sense, has been greatly missed by all of the Raptors. When I asked her about her life nowadays and whether she misses Magnet, she told me:

“Looking back, I would say that leaving Magnet is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Since transferring to PSA, I have grown into a happier, more full version of myself. For starters, there is so much less stress surrounding grades and schoolwork. I also have more opportunities being a senior at PSA than I would have at Magnet. I was able to take online courses at the end of my junior year in order to complete all my high school credits, and now I solely take classes at CofC, so I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for half of the day. This means more freetime (and sleeping in). On my days off I focus on my paintings and my senior art capstone, which is a much more enjoyable process for me than the stress of Magnet thesis. Yes, it really is as amazing as it sounds. I’m also proud to say that I am ranked second in my class, not because there aren’t as many smart kids at PSA, but because I am more motivated now due to the support I feel from every teacher and faculty member at my school. It helps when you know your teachers have your back. The only bad part about not going to Magnet anymore is the fact that my girlfriend still goes there. I’ll pray for her.”

Thank you for sharing with me, Caroline! Everyone back at the Raptor nest is very happy for you (and, a little jealous of all your free time).

That’s all Raptors! Stay tuned for the third edition, hopefully including the hard-to-contact Mr. Wright. Thanks for reading

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