A Power-Ranking of the Class of 2019’s Dogs

Liza ranks the class of 2019’s dogs.

A Power-Ranking of the Class of 2019s Dogs

Don’t forget to check out my picture collage of all of these great dogs at the end of the post!”

— Liza Allen









Top-dawgs (From Best to Worst):

  1. “Shamus”/Teddy (Elizabeth & Walton Moseley): Sorry Raptors, Teddy tops the cake! This dog’s nonchalant yet omniscient presence is unforgettable.
  2. Baker (Hannah O): Baker has experienced many close encounters with death. Plain and simple, this pup is a survivor—and a cute one at that!
  3. Gilly (Trap Puckette): Formally known as Gaillard, this pupper is as handsome as he is adventurous! He loves boat days, humping, and demolishing anything given to him!
  4. Sadie (Liza Allen): Though I may be biased, Sadie is one of the best dogs ’round. Her sweet yet fun-loving personality makes her the perfect companion.
  5. Riley (Mason Bishop): Riley may no longer be with us, I felt it was necessary to include him. His relaxed presence was undeniably therapeutic!
  6. Buster (Carrie Metts): While he may smell like urine, his heart is as pure as gold. Buster is a timeless dog that upholds the phrase “Man’s Best Friend”.
  7. Sully & Lilly (Will Marshall): Sully and Lilly are an unparalled duo. Sully’s calm nature mixed with Lilly’s fun-loving energy is the perfect doggy combo!
  8. Ginger (Samuel Maher): Ginger is the ultimate chill pup. She’s your go-to-gal if you’re looking for a lackadaisical sidekick!
  9. Crosby (Baxter Barrett): Crosby may be a little rambunctious and crazy-eyed, but he’s a great source of entertainment and love!
  10. “Lammy”/Sammy (Josh Cumins): Lammy, mistakenly known as “Lenny” to me, is perfect for just hanging out and relaxin’. What’s more, he’s great at jumping and backflips!

Underdogs (From Best to Worst):

  1. Atlas (Bryan Bracy): There’s no doubt Atlas has good intentions like all the other German Shepherds out there. Alas, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a nibbler and a jumper with a terror-inducing bark.
  2. Poe (Lauren Yates): There are not many things in this world that are truly impossible, but walking into the Yates household without Poe barking for five minutes is one of them.
  3. Bandit (Trap Puckette): Bandit grew up in a jail—and darn it, it’s obvious. He’s not all bad, though; the prisoners taught him some neat tricks. Perhaps Bandit is just shed in a bad light in comparison to Gilly.
  4. Cleo (Greta Waits): Don’t go to the Waits household unless you wish to be relentlessly clawed by the bloodthirsty Cleo. I must admit, however, she is adorable!
  5. Sam (Elly Durante): Just…terrifying.