Spirit Week: Fall 2018


Spirit Week Themes

The highlight of AMHS student life is coming up — Spirit Week! The first week of October (10/1 – 10/5) promises to be one of the best weeks of this semester. Help lead your grade to victory in the spirit competition by participating in dress-up days, the annual penny drive, and the daily activities hosted by AMHS Student Council.

Day 1: America Day

Celebrate our patriotism by wearing red, white, blue, and any other flag or USA themed clothing. Come show what you know about USA in the school wide trivia competition: Are you smarter than a citizen? 

  • Activity: Are you smarter than a citizen? (trivia) at lunchtime

Day 2: Coachella

This world famous music festival is coming to Magnet on October 2nd! Dress as if you were attending the festival and come cheer on your grade’s band in Battle of Bands.

  • Activity: Battle of the Bands at lunchtime in the courtyard

Day 3: Movies & TV

Dress up as your favorite movie or TV character!

  • Activity: Movie Trivia at lunchtime¬†

Day 4: Generation Day

For this famous AMHS tradition, dress up as your grade’s “Generation”.

  • Freshman- Babies

Outfit Ideas: diapers, stuffed animals, blankets, pacifiers, onesies, and other baby accessories

  • Sophomores-Toddlers

Outfit Ideas: little kid clothes, tutus, bright colored clothes, ponytails, bows, scooters, and other toys

  • Juniors- Adults

Outfit Ideas: suit and tie, professional clothing, nurse, doctor, mom, dad, construction worker

  • Seniors- Senior citizens

Outfit Ideas: gray hair, walkers, canes, vintage nightgowns, suspenders, glasses

Day 5: Wall Day

Wall Day 2018 promises to be the most fun school day of the year. Each grade will have a theme and a hallway to decorate accordingly. Coordinate your costume with your grade level’s wall and come the day before to help decorate it. Whichever class has the best wall and most dress-up participation will win the wall contest as well as the chance to be seriously considered as the overall Spirit Week winner. Classes will also be shortened and the day will end with a pep rally!

  • Activity – Pep Rally