A Review of the Chophouse

A lone raptor ventures into the Chophouse to get the scoop.


My last few articles have been rather tame. I felt it was my duty as a Talon writer to complete some real investigative journalism, and what better way to do this than Friday night football. I used some connections I have within Wando High School to get me in to the infamous Chophouse, theĀ  Wando student section. With a student population of more than 4,000, their student section boasts its large number of Warriors. I expected a lot coming in; it was their first home game at their new stadium. How did it feel to be a Warrior for the night?

The theme was USA. I chose my Trump shirt because I felt it would help me blend into the crowd. My mother warned me before I left. She said I might get pushed, or puked on. Then she told me she loved me and that she was proud of my courage. I nervously waved goodbye, wishing I was going to the familiar comfort of the Danny Jones bleachers.

My first impression was the parking. I had to walk nearly half a mile to the stadium. Then there was a 45 minute wait to simply get a ticket. I thought maybe this was just a part of their intimidation to scare off intruders. But I held on to hope. I had to get this story.

After waiting in line, I passed the multiple policemen and began walking into the stands. The new bleachers were huge, and the turf was neatly groomed. This was nothing like the Birdcage. I began to think, what is a nice Raptor like me doing in a place like this?

My inside source led me to the far right of the stands, where there were hundreds of Warriors squeezed together. I recognized a few faces from middle school. I hoped my disguise worked and nobody noticed a trespasser.

I began to think, what is a nice Raptor like me doing in a place like this?”

I slipped right in the first row where a couple American flags surrounded me. It was already the middle of the 2nd quarter because of the long line at the ticket stand. They began their first cheer, the knock off Florida State/Atlanta Braves song, Tomahawk chop. I thought, they can’t even make up their own cheer. In fact, one of the Chophouse leaders was an ex-Raptor who left sophomore year. All she learned about school spirit, she learned from the Birdcage. Where was their originality? Where was the Dirty Birds? Where was Kevin?

It was the third quarter and I had only heard 1 cheer. Only a few students were actually participating. I was hot and not at all hype. I pulled out my phone and watched the Snapchat stories of the Birdcage. I was homesick.

I left at the start of the 4th quarter alongside most of the Chophouse. I was disappointed. The rumors of the crazy student section of Wando were not true. The Birdcage has more than 10 different unique cheers; the Chophouse has 1 cheer they stole from another team. While the Chophouse is large in size, it lacks in unity and school spirit. Size in fact, does not matter.

I checked social media when I got home and found that the Chophouse instagram called itself “the best student section in SC”. Then I saw that Live 5 news had officially called the Birdcage, “The most lit student section in Charleston County.”

Where do I stand on this issue? Birdcage-1, Chophouse-0. #poundAMHS