Attention AMHS seniors! It’s that time of the year again; school is winding to a close, AP exams are looming, and senioritis is in full effect. Before we completely check out of school, the Talon is calling all seniors to write their senior wills. This is your last chance to pass down your legacy to select underclassmen. Here are some examples from the class of 2016:

“I, Mary Geer Kirkland, of tomato mind and body, do hereby leave the following. To Mary Claire, I leave the tennis team. To Sotter Peibels, I leave the ski trip. To Max Windom, I leave after school chats in the parking lot and a date with me and Reaves. To Ethan Fewell, I leave hugs. To Nate Leroy, I leave the honor of having a junior get you your folder. To Bryson Rose, I leave permanent peeling skin. To Carolyn Prickett, I leave nothing. To Campbell Long and Zach Hunter, I leave football game photo shoots. To Julius Cale, my favorite godbrother, I leave the Kirkland-Cale legacy (it’s a thing now). And with that, I leave AMHS. #flockforever”

“I, Mika Sakamoto, being of cold heart and hot body, do hereby leave a chocolate croissant, a blendini, and my undying devotion to Ryan Pace. Upon Hannah Reed I bestow command of the Caboose Squad™. Please do not take this responsibility lightly. To the lacrosse team, I leave the spirits of both of my ACLs in the hopes that they will protect all of yours. And finally, to the cross country team, I leave the legacy of Red Ted. Make that hill your you-know-what!!!”

The format is as follows:

I, (insert name), being of (insert adjective) mind and (insert adjective) body, do hereby leave (insert what you leave and which underclassman you leave it for).

Email your wills in the format provided to  or submit a handwritten copy to Mrs. Hurt by May 2nd.