AMHS Students Participate in the Moore Conference

On Friday April 13, AMHS students participated in the William V. Moore Student Research Conference. The Moore Conference is an event where advanced high school students and college undergraduates from South Carolina can present their research to a panel of professionals. The students’ research must fall into one of these categories to be considered for the conference though: Southern and South Carolina politics, civil rights, political extremism, educational opportunity and economic development, political communication, human geographies and world politics.

The conference was created to honor William V. Moore, Phd. and his incredible accomplishments as a teacher and mentor. Dr. Moore was interested in improving political discourse as well as providing educational opportunities for all South Carolina students. The Moore Conference serves as a perfect way for students to show off their hard work and to interact with others interested in political/educational topics.

If you are interested in any of the above categories and have conducted your own research in that field, then you might be the perfect candidate for the Moore Conference. All you have to do is fill out a short google forms with your contact information and a short description of what your paper is about. Although the application process and conference has passed for 2018, keep checking back throughout the year for the 2019 application. Also, remember that even if your senior thesis does not fall into one of these categories while at AMHS, you can still apply to this conference while you are in college.

Last year, the conference had students representing a half a dozen majors and a select few high school seniors involved. In addition to presenting their own personal research, students are able to participate in panels where they can have respectful discussions. These panels are moderated by one of the professors from the College of Charleston that are at the Conference. Every year, there is also a key note speaker. In 2017, Kayla Gilchrist,  the Community Organizer at Charleston Area Justice Ministry, spoke to the group. At the end of the conference, there is a luncheon for students to interact with one another and receive awards for their hard work in their research projects.

This year, Zachary Kronsberg took home an award for best high school paper at the conference. He participated in the first panel which was about Federal Politics and Society. Other participants from AMHS included Peyton Funkhouser, Mary Frances Kline, and Isabel Root.

If you are interested in finding out more information or want to learn how to submit your own research project for next year’s conference, check out the Moore Conference website here: