Anna Smirnova Wins Lowcountry Science Fair

AMHS students win at LRSEF.

On Tuesday, April 10, AMHS students competed in the Lowcountry Science Fair (LRSEF). The Lowcountry Science Fair is a competition open to students in grades 5-12 where they can compete for national, regional, and local awards as well as an opportunity to attend other competitions. This year, the LRSEF had around 100 participants sharing their science and engineering projects. Many AMHS students participated and won awards at this year’s competition.

Gregg Gardner came in third place in Biological Sciences, Senior 2 division. Ishraq Haque came in first place in Biological Sciences, Senior 1 division. Emma Ladd won a special award, the MUSC Medical Scientist Training Program Award for Excellence in Biomedical/Biological Sciences Research, and came in first place in Biological Sciences, Senior 2 division. Anna Smirnova won the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry from the Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc. She also won first place in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Senior 2 division, and won First Place overall. Anna and Ms. Metzner-Roop will represent AMHS at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh this May.

ISEF is a huge science fair competition that includes participants from all over the United States and world. Participants get to show off their hard work and research to a series of judges. Anna has made a poster from her research information and the judges will walk around the competition and ask her questions about her project. At ISEF, some winning participants will receive cash prizes, but most winners receive scholarships for universities instead. The competition itself has overall scholarships where you are just handed a check right there or there are scholarships from other sponsoring universities. Last year, Jenny Yao got a scholarship from the Florida Institute of Technology. In addition to the competition, there are social events all week long so students can get to know one another and interact with other individuals interested in science in engineering. ISEF is a great opportunity to show off your hard work as well as meet some other students with the same interests as you.

In order to compete at Lowcountry Science Fair, win, and go to ISEF, students have to get their mentor to complete paperwork. Many students wait until the last minute to do this, and they can’t get their mentor to sign anything, meaning they cannot compete. If any juniors are interested, please get the paperwork done this summer while you are doing research for your thesis!

See Ms. Metzner-Roop for more information about Lowcountry Science Fair or ISEF.

You can also check out the websites for both competitions here: