Magnet Semi Formal Review

The Most Exciting Student Body Gathering of the School Year


Seniors Aidan Gomez and Chase Michaelsend enjoy some pizza on the dance floor

Before last year, Magnet students had missed out on a chance for the student body to come together in one massive squad rave for 3 consecutive years. That is, until Student Body Vice President Grace Gehlken determined it was time to bring the party back, and ushered in the return of the Semi Formal Dance. None of the grades had ever attended a Magnet Semi, so none of them had any idea what the dance would be like. Personally, I was worried that our students would be far too quiet and conservative to go all out on the dance floor. However, I was happily proven wrong in a night filled with dancing, singing, and lots of sweat. Last year’s experience made the prospect of another Semi seem reasonable, and I was happy to learn that Magnet would be holding another one. Unfortunately, my date wouldn’t be in town that weekend, so I wasn’t sure if I was willing to go alone. But that very night, in my sleep, DJ Ice Box came to me in a dream and called me to the dance floor. When I woke up the next morning, I knew that I was getting my groove on regardless of who I was with. Fortunately, I was able to link up with some of my crew who would also be going solo, which made the idea of going alone a lot less lonely. We arrived at the dance already hyped for the night, and DJ Ice Box did not disappoint. He had the perfect soundtrack for the night as he partitioned slow dances with ones that started mosh pits, which senior Daniel Lehman described as “A sweaty mass of kids jumping around having a great time.” Others had a more reluctant view of the pandemonium, Magnet student Hannah Smith simply stated, “A sweaty mosh pit? That’s by far the most disgusting thing I can think of.” 

A sweaty mosh pit? That’s by far the most disgusting thing I can think of.”

— Banana Smith

Regardless of how certain people felt about various events throughout the night, I think all Magnet students can agree that the semi formal was a resounding success for all those involved. Once again, I would like to thank Grace Gehlken for all the hard work she did to make sure the dance went well, despite the fact that when I asked her for her opinion of semi she told me that she had “completely blocked it all out of my mind.” In the end, I’m glad that we all had a night together to celebrate the awesome student body here at AMHS.

But hey, let’s see what Thomas has to say:

For me, not having a date kinda stunk, but the sight of my boys rocking sport coats and cheap sunglasses, lit a fire under my belly to just put aside my worries. For just one night I was able to let loose with my bros. All of them were there; Chase, Daniel, Jack, Chris, JJ, Will, Eliot, Oliver, Nahom, Aidan, Ian, Andrew, Gregg, and my main mans Bailey. We just let the rhythm take complete control of our bodies, and our souls merged into one, unstoppable dancing machine.  We worshipped the dance floor; dance was our religion, and DJ Ice Box was our pastor. He led us through the night, guiding our lost souls the way to inner happiness and full dance unity. With an eclectic group of tunes and bops, from Cotton Eyed Joe to Motorsport, we grooved and jived for hours and hours. DJ Ice Box ruled from behind his booth, working the crowd of energetic dancers like a bunch of puppets. One disciple in particular, Chazz,  repeatedly shouted “Ok” and “Yeah” at high intervals and a circle formed around him. With the feet of an Amazonian princess, and the confidence of Kanye West, Chazz proceeded to “break it down” past the point of it being brought back together again. At this point the crowd had been struck with exhilaration and was jumping to the beat and melting in the heat. That means sweating a lot. With Chazz leading the groove, the Academic Magnet High School student body popped and locked for 4 continuous hours until the hips were gyrated past the legal maximum limit in the Tri-County Area. As a whole, the night was one of magic. There were three proposals on the dance floor, one between Ella Lesesne and Samuel Leviticus Leviathan Cornwallis Kavarana, one between Will Marshall and Caroline Hyde, and one between DJ Ice Box and Grace Gehlken. Only one person actually said yes. I will let the audience make their own inferences and come to their own conclusions from that.

All in all, the night can be best described as moderately formal: suitable or appropriate for a moderately formal occasion: a dance of semi-formal nature.”

— Thomas McNerney

One student, Hannah Smith summarized the night perfectly; “It felt like I was writing my perfect fairytale on the dance floor, but then I got thirsty and had to get a nice warm cup of juice. Without dancing I felt empty inside, but as soon as I returned to the floor my heart was revitalized instantly, like clinkclink.” All in all, the night can be best described as moderately formal: suitable or appropriate for a moderately formal occasion: a dance of semi-formal nature. 


If you can’t tell, Thomas and I had quite the night at the Magnet Semi. We hope you did too, unless you didn’t go, in which case we hope you come to enjoy the dance next year.