Freshman Reactions the Magnet First Semester


Following the close of a very eventful first semester, I thought it would be an interesting idea to check in with some members of the freshman class to see how they faired during their beginning months at Magnet. Overall, I was met with a plethora of positive responses, and at the end of my interviews I concluded that as a whole, the freshman class could pretty much sum up their semester into three words: hard, stressful, but, a lot of fun.

Here are some more specific responses from the class, breaking down their semester into the best/worst aspects:

Oliver Root

best: making friends

worst: biology class

Gabby Hart: 

best: spirit week

worst: midterms

Katie Massie

best: spirit week

worst: summer work

Whitney Knotts

best: spirit

worst: one question quizzes in bio

Keiry Garcia

best: spirit week

worst: midterm

Evan Daniels 

best: making new friends

worst: having a bad teacher makes the class awful

Mills Jordan

best: after my test in classes I can play games on my computer and do programming homework

worst: NHD project

John Rowe

best: change of environment from going to a school with 29 kids to a school with hundreds of kids

worst: the workload

Hank Tschantz

best: meeting new people

worst: homework

The freshman class seemed to enjoy their first semester, best of luck Class of 2022!!