Introducing the Freshmen Class of ’21


Coco Kelly

Oliver Root showing off his Supreme® backpack

The freshmen class of 2021 spill their true feelings about their upcoming four years of high

school. As many are aware, freshman year can be both an intimidating and an exciting time when entering Magnet. Coming from middle school, most 9th graders agree that the best new privilege of high school is the extended freedom. Pilar Florez states that she much prefers the 5-minute class changes rather than the mere 2 minutes she had at Daniel Island Middle School. Serenity Gainey also enjoys the larger amount of time for class changes, as she is able to relieve her back stress and unload her books into her locker without restriction.

Serenity Gainey, from CE Williams Middle School


Freshmen also enjoy the time given to them in focus for extra school work, as Matt Porzio stated that focus is his favorite class because he is able to catch up on his studies. However, when Oliver Root was asked what he was working on in focus, he said “nothing at all… just talking to my friends.”

None of the freshmen seem to be intimidated by their senior superiors, but Olivia Niesse ad

Adam Rubenstein, from Montessori

mits that “the sophomore girls advised [her] to show school spirit at games or [she] would face the wrath of senior Chris Thomasson.”


As for students’ favorite teachers, the group consensus seems to be that Mrs. Yackey’s fun and exciting energy makes [math] more fun (Conolly Burgess, Katie King). Many of the freshmen, like Adam Rubenstein, respect Coach Williams for her strict and harsh rules in the gym, while Tonisha Forrest and Olivia Niesse stated that they enjoy Mr. Corson’s laid-back classroom environment.

As many know, spirit week is a major part of the Magnet community, and this year’s freshmen class has high expectations because of the “chaos” (Pilar Florez, Matt Porzio, Oliver Root), and Pilar was especially excited to get her classmates involved in creating a non-losing wall.

Finally, when asked what song they thought would describe their freshman year, Serenity Gainey very quickly claims that “Allstar” by Smashmouth perfectly represents her high

Tonisha Forrest, from Charleston Development Academy

expectations of high school fun. Oliver Root also boldly announced his freshman year theme song is “Rolex” by Ayo & Teo.