A Day in the Life of Ms. Pinckney


Ms. Pinckney at prom

As the school year winds down for many students, Ms. Pinckney’s year is only halfway done. As the assistant princpal at  Academic Magnet, Ms. Pinckney handles all of the scheduling/attendance , regulates all the irresponsible behavior, and makes sure everyone is just doing what they are supposed to.

 On Friday, April 21, Jack Niesse and Ryan Pace decided to shadow the amazing Ms. Pinckney. The first task of the day was to crack the case of the “skipping” seniors. As prom was the following day, many seniors took that and ran with it. They decided to make it a unofficial senior skip day. With this in mind, we walked from class to class tallying the number of seniors who decided to have “doctors appointments” for the entire day. The first class we visited was majority full. There was only a mere 2 kids missing; we were slightly dissapointed. We then moved to the next three classes and each had more than 7 missing. At that point, we had hit the jackpot.  By the end we tallied nearly 70 missing seniors. After finding the disappointing numbers, we then had a brief conversation with Ms. Peterson which caused much distress when she found out about the numbers.

Later in the day, We had to make sure all the students were registered for classes. We again walked around class to class. The freshmen quivered as we walked in. They were scared into signing up for classes.

Back Ground information about Ms. Pinckney

Where did you go to college?

  • She went to the College of Charelston and The Citadel

What are your prior occupations?

  • Teacher and  Assistant principal for two different schools

What is your favorite/least favorite part of magnet?

  • favorite “student celebrations” least “preperation for wall day”

Who is the next prinicipal?

  • No clue

What’s your favorite food?

  • “I don’t have a favorite food, but my favorite taste is the the taste of key lime pie!”

The lovely Lucy Pinckney may appear scary, but in reality she is one of the nicest ladies in the world.