Kara Schwacke’s Diamond in the Rough: Jasper Jackson Bishop

Kara Schwacke's Diamond in the Rough: Jasper Jackson Bishop

On this weeks issue of Kara Schwacke’s Diamond in the Rough, JJ Bishop and his hidden skill of body transformation. The talon staff got the inside scoop on how JJ went from chunky to hunky.
What was the biggest factor in your body transformation?
“I had the biggest crush on this girl in eight grade, but then she called me fat. I decided I needed to prove her wrong so thats when my workout started”
Do you notice a distinct difference between your eating and exercise patterns from when you were fat to now?
“Yes, I eat a lot less now and it was right around the time I started training more for baseball”
Can you give me your workout routine on an average day?
“Uh,currently its baseball season so I don’t get to do as much as I normally do, but I still try to go home and get a little bit of ab and cardio work”
Talk me through your favorite healthy snack to make after school?
“I am personally a big fan of greek yogurt and granola, I usually get the Chobani and then the Nature Valley”
Do feel better in your new body?
“I definitely do feel better, my self-confidence level has improved. I don’t know if its exactly where it should be but its getting there”
You heard it guys, JJ Bishop was once a full-figured boy. Thanks to his hard work and dedication he was able to make a drastic life improvement. His courageous story of determination and willpower can encourage those who, like JJ, wish to make a change for the better in their life. Tune in next week for another Kara Schwacke’s Diamond in the Rough. (Scroll down for Pictures)