Five Fun Ways to Get Fit in Charleston

The hardest part of working out is finding the motivation to get up off the couch.  Luckily, there are a variety of fitness classes offered in our community that are sure to catch your attention.  Working out doesn’t have to be boring so I’ve compiled a list of some classes that are more allow you to have fun while shedding the calories.

  1. Sky Fit at Skyzone
    • Sky Fit is a 1 hour trampoline cardio class filled with lots of jumping and laughing.  The class is sure to make you feel like a little kid again and can also help you burn up to 1000 calories in just one hour.  Your instructor will have you jumping and playing so much that you’ll forget you’re even working out!
    • First class is $5 and individual classes are $12.  You can also purchase a membership and attend unlimited classes during a specific time frame.  Classes are offered Monday through Friday in Mt. Pleasant.
  2. Aerial Fitness at Aerial Fit
    • In an aerial fitness class you have the opportunity to hang, swing, and stretch from the ceiling on ropes of silk.  There are a variety of aerial fitness classes offered including: aerial yoga, aerial fabric, trapeze, and aerial hoop.
    • Single class is $25.  Aerial Fit is located in West Ashley and offers classes throughout the week.  You can also purchase a membership for unlimited classes.
  3. Hip Hop at Peace, Love, Hip Hop 
    • If you’ve been to any sort of local event in Charleston, odds are you’ve seen the group of young kids with Peace, Love, Hip Hop, performing hip hop dance routines in front of a crowd. I bet you didn’t know that adults can learn Hip Hop here too!  But don’t worry, there are individual classes that don’t require competitive performance.  These classes are an incredible workout too!
    • Single class is $15 and classes are offered throughout the week.  Peace, Love, Hip Hop is located on Daniel Island.
  4. Surf-Set Fitness at Saltwater Fitness
    • If you’ve ever wanted to live like a surfer but are too afraid to take on the waves, then this class is perfect for you!  This class re-creates the feel and movement of a surfboard to help develop core strength and aerobic endurance.
    • Your first class is $10 and individual classes are $12. There are classes throughout the week in a variety of locations.
  5. Krav Maga and Fit to Fight Fitness at Charleston Krav Maga
    • This class not only helps you shed the calories, but also teaches you useful self defense techniques based on the teachings of boxing, martial arts, Jiu Jitsu, Kobudo and Muay Thai.  All of their classes are based on the traditional teachings of these ancient arts, but also helps teach how to defend yourself in threatening situations.  
    • Check online for individual class pricing.  One month costs $35 dollars and allows for unlimited classes throughout the week.  Charleston Krav Maga is located on Wappoo Road in West Ashley.