Santa Claus University


This year marks the 34th anniversary of the opening of Colorado’s unique Santa Claus University, where hundreds of Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ gather to learn how to professionally bring holiday cheer to the world. Charles W. Howard established the college in 1983 and it has proudly remained a center for Santa Claus and Elf culture. Most of the students who enroll in this program are Christmas enthusiasts, war veterans, or beard growing fanatics, who are prepared to learn and grow in their profession.

The four day extensive educational training course encourages and teaches the St. Nicks how to share their jolliness to children and adults everywhere. The students come everyday to class, decked out in red and white and filled with Christmas cheer, and gather in a lecture room where they eagerly and excitedly receive helpful and inspiring words from experienced Santa mentors. They are given suggestions on how to improve their look with authentic wire rim glasses, heavy fur lined red coats, velvet red pants, shined black boots, and topped off with a classic floppy Santa hat. The Kriss Kringles’-to-be are also taught how to perfectly groom their luscious white beards for the ultimate length and volume. Finally, they conclude their experience with Christmas caroling in order to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the holiday.

Not only does Santa Claus University provide insight to success, but it allows for the students to use what they have learned in order to boost their business, increasing their holiday earnings, improve their personal satisfaction, and expand their horizons. Since the establishment of this college, the Christmas industries have been able to transform the image of Santa Claus into a profession and provide jobs for the unemployed during the holiday season.