An Unforgettable Journey to the Magical Land of Clemson


Clemson University – Home of the Tigers. Though this institution is in the middle of nowhere, it is a huge draw for Academic Magnet graduates, and the senior class is no exception to this rule. What seemed like thousands of magnet students made the four hour pilgrimage to the rural college for its homecoming weekend. Most of them stayed with former AMHS students with the hope they could be exposed to the holistic southern university experience.

According to pilgrim Zoe Wright, a staple of southern schools is the Greek system, which are organized groups dedicated to philanthropy and social engagement. Thankfully, the Sigma Chi fraternity was feeling especially hospitable and allowed many of our peers a taste of the good life, which includes dancing and meeting friendly people.

Another Clemson experience which seemed especially impactful was the tailgating. Since the Tigers are ranked very highly for collegiate football, the students tend to celebrate this esteem by partying in fields underneath tents before, during, and after games.

Though tales from this mystical land were saturated with tales of banquets and athletic events, the students at Clemson University assure us that their lives are not completely engulfed by the bustling social scene. They are very much aware that college is ultimately a pathway to a career, and that they must study and attend class to actually stay there.

One especially enthusiastic nomad stated, “This is the place for me. I cannot wait to be hundreds of miles from a major city or beach for four years of my life! Rural South Carolina has all the amenities I need to prepare for my future.”

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and the world-wearied refugees had to make the four hour journey back to Charleston. They now sing of a magical place where sweet  refreshments  flow like water  and the gentlemen are plentiful and kind. Thankfully, statistics are in these eager scholar’s favor, as statistically one third of our class will return to the university after graduation.