When You Get Hit by a Car… and Survive


Over the weekend, Charleston was hit by a hurricane, but that’s not the only thing that was hit. The Talon’s very own Kara Schwacke was struck by a vehicle on Monday while running in her John’s Island neighborhood. We have reached out to Ms. Schwacke for an exclusive interview on this subject.

So, describe what happened at the moment of impact.

Kara: “Well, I was running and then I was on the ground.”

Great, that sounds terrifying. Were you afraid you were seriously injured?

Kara: “No, I was fine. I did fall into a ditch at the side of the road though. I got kind of muddy though.”

What kind of car was it?

Kara: “It was like a Jeep-SUV mix. I can’t remember exactly.”

So did the guy get taken away by the cops?

Kara: “No, the policeman said that since he technically hit me in private property, in my neighborhood and all, the guy won’t even get a ticket or anything. His insurance will pay me though.”

So will you sue?

Kara: “It depends on how much the insurance pays me, but probably not. It would be good for paying for college though.”

Why did the car hit you?

Kara: “Obviously he didn’t like the way I run.”

Let this be a lesson to all of our AMHS runners: Make sure your running style is pleasing to motorists.  Kara was lucky and walked away safe and sound, but according to runnersworld.com, in 2007 nearly 700 cyclists and runners were killed by vehicles on roadways. Be safe out there, runners!