Spirit Week Recap


Last week, Academic Magnet had its 2016 Homecoming Spirit Week.  As expected, the students outfits did not disappoint;  themes over the 5 days ranged in time periods from 40,000 years in the past to 1,000 years in the future.  The days were as follows: Charleston Derby day, Decade day, Disney day, Generation day, and of course Wall day.  For each day, The Talon has complied the best and worst events for each grade.

Day 1: Derby Day

In lieu  of the usual preppy Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitzer, the seniors rolled up to school in edgy black, pink, and skates.  They were decked out in helmets and knee pads for safety; everyone knows roller derbies can be intense.  Senior Nate Leroy says of the abstract take on Derby Day, “I enjoyed Derby Day.  I was surprised as how well it turned out.”  Following the anniversary of competitions during Spirit Week, each grade selected a pair (rider and horse) to compete in the long-awaited AMHS Derby.

Julia Walpole, English Laserna, and Danielle Colbrunn
Julia Walpole, English Laserna, and Danielle Colbrunn
Ryan Pace and Nina Howard
Ryan Pace and Nina Howard

As the jockeys mounted their steeds, it became clear that seniors Sully Murdock and Jack Barna would capture a victory for the seniors.  Once the race started though, it became clear that the race would not go as smoothly as thought for the two; after rounding the first corner, Murdock’s balance faltered and affected Barna’s steady gate.  The crowd waited in anticipation; would the pair topple and lose their lead or make it past the finish line without collapsing.  The answer came after the last turn- the once hopeful pair tumbled down.  JJ Bishop and Jackson Howe loped across the finish line, sealing their win.

Decade Day:

For the second day of spirit week, each grade dressed in period for a chosen decade.  The seniors decided to go back to the future; their star-studded, galaxy-laden outfits were literally out of this world, paying tribute to the Jonas Brothers’ memorable tune: Year 3000. The juniors emulated the most recent decade, the 2000s, by wearing popular trends such as grunge, denim everything, and popped collars.  Hippie dippy disco made a reappearance this year when the sophomores dressed in a combination of the 60s and70s.  And lastly, the freshman chose to represent the 20s, featuring flapper girls as well as farm-owners.  This day did not feature a competition, other than participation points.img_6337                                                                        photo creds: Katie Conley

Disney Day:

On Wednesday, AMHS was transformed into Disney World.  Patrons and Princesses alike appeared; the senior class dressed as tourists whereas all the other classes opted for a classic movie.  The juniors were Star Wars, the sophomores Peter Pan, and the freshmen were Alice in Wonderland. During lunch, seniors Sara Reinike, Ella Bovender, Molly Yost, and Amelia Seizmore won Disney Trivia because seniors are the best, of course.

Disney World tourist Max Fisher poses for a picture with Cinderella (Nina Howard)
Hannah Reed
Disney World tourist Max Fisher poses for a picture with Cinderella (Nina Howard)

Generation Day:

A long respected spirit week day finally made its appearance on Thursday.  Generation day began with an early bird special: “senior” citizens arrived promptly at school dressed in their finest polyester and striking white sneakers.  Many of the elders took their ailments in stride with the aides of walkers and canes.  Let’s not forget: it was also Hannah Reed’s 80th birthday. Middle-aged juniors dressed in blue collar attire, obviously on that work grind.  Sophomores teetered around as toddlers and the freshman were newborns.  Shout out to baby William Schnell embracing his younger side in his large, inflatable infant costume.


Wall Day:

Finally, the day everyone had been waiting for: Wall Day!!!!  On this Friday, school was shortened to accommodate the pep rally at the end of the day.  During the pep rally, the sports teams are highlighted, games are played, and the winner of spirit week is announced all while sending off the football team with hopes of winning the Homecoming game.

As the pep rally went further along, tensions among the classes rose.  The superhero freshmen brimmed with excitement, across from the godly sophomores.  The salty pirates of the junior class eyed down the barbaric, wild viking seniors.

Ms. Roop listed the spirit week accomplishments of each class.  The freshman won the penny wars, the juniors won the derby, and the seniors won Disney trivia and the wall decorating competition, as well as points for participation. Slowly, Ms. Roop announced the overall winners of spirit week: the class of 2017 seniors!  Homecoming spirit week was a success and 17 still reigns supreme.