What’s Your Prom Dress Personality?


Prom season is in full swing! As the much-anticipated dance draws near, ladies are scouring shops for the perfect dress. But finding the right frock is easier said than done. If you aren’t sure which type of gown is right for you, take this simple quiz to find out!


How much money are you willing to spend?

A. My budget is a little tight.

B. Nothing unreasonable, but I want to look hot!

C. My mom is willing to shell out some dough.

D. Money is no object. This has to be a night to remember!


What’s your favorite color?

A. White

B. Blue

C. Red

D. Camo


How would you like to spend your Saturday night?

A. Going to the bathroom

B. Feasting on human flesh

C. Eating breakfast

D. Joining the army


What are you most excited for about prom?

A. Taking pictures with my friends

B. Slow dancing

C. The buffet

D. DJing


What’s your favorite movie?

A. Despicable Me

B. Zombieland

C. The Breakfast Club

D. American Sniper


If you picked mostly As:

on a budget?

If you picked mostly Bs:


If you picked mostly Cs:

channeling breakfast food

If you picked mostly Ds:

military tent