Salad Dressing, Harry Potter, and Hiker vs. Biker : Magnet’s Last Spirit Week of the Year


Winter sports are officially underway which means that you should be getting ready for another Magnet Spirit Week. Set for the week of January 25, Student Council came up with some pretty clever themes for each day of the week. In order to start preparing your outfits, here are the themes for each day and some possible ideas!

Monday: Character Day

Character day always allows for a lot of creativity. Pick your favorite movie, book, comic book, or whatever you please, dress up like your favorite character, and start the week off with a bang!

Tuesday: Hiker vs. Biker Day

Choose if you want to be a hiker or biker for the day, and then grab your flannel and hiking boots or your best leather jacket and tattoo sleeve. No matter which one you chose, the day is guaranteed to be interesting.

Wednesday: Salad Dressing Day

Honey Dijon, Balsamic vinaigrette, French, whatever flavor you decide on, get some clothes together to represent a tasty salad dressing of your choice.

Thursday: Harry Potter Day

A Magnet Spirit Week classic, Harry Potter Day is always a hit. Each class is assigned a House from the Harry Potter series (Freshman are Hufflepuff, Sophomores are Ravenclaw, Juniors are Gryffindor, and Seniors are Slytherin), so grab your capes and wands and get ready for a fun-filled day.

Friday: Wall Day

The infamous Wall Day. Obviously I can’t give you any tips for this one, but you should know that the Seniors plan to go all out for their very last Spirit Week.