Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Midterms: Before or After Break?

Hear Students and Teachers Opinions on Midterms

There are two dreaded times of the year at Academic Magnet – midterm and finals season. For the past few years at Magnet, teachers have held their midterms about a week after winter break, giving students the option to prepare during break or the week before as preparation. Every year the only exam that is before break is the Honors and AP Government Final Exam, but this year there has been a slight change. While the government exams will be before the break, all other teachers will be given the option to hold their exams before the break as well. This has been a controversial topic between the student body and the teachers. 

Let’s hear from some of the teachers:

First is Ms. Orr! She teaches AP Government, Honors Government, and Honors Economics. Every year her final exam is before break, she said she prefers this because before break all the student’s are in the school zone. Ms. Orr wants us to be able to relax and enjoy time with our friends and family. 

This year Ms. Langley’s AP Environmental Class has their midterm on January 19th. When interviewing Ms. Langley she said that having the midterm after the break gives the class time to “flush out the information needed for the midterm.” Although the class may not be learning new information, the extra few weeks before the midterm also give time for the students to prepare for the midterm longer. 

Ms. Frazier teaches various math classes including Geometry, Algebra 2, and Honors Calculus. Calculus does not have a midterm, but for Geometry and Algebra 2, it will be held after break. Ms. Frazier says that she likes to have the midterms after the break because it is closer to the actual halfway point of the year. 

Some of the students are hoping their teachers will assign exams before break so they don’t have to worry about studying. Others want the time to study and the extra time to prepare. I prefer to take my midterms before break so I don’t have the pressure of studying. 

Now let’s hear from some students who have differing opinions.

Before break:

Wilson Swenson (12) said that  “if [midterms are] after the break you have to spend break thinking you should be studying and not study and then you just get stressed out.” I have talked with many students who have the same mindset. Over winter break students want to be enjoying themselves and should not be stressed about studying.

Sophia Benich (11) on the Varsity Basketball team’s response to whether midterms should be before or after the break was short and sweet. She said midterms before break so she could “get it over with.” Again another student that does not want the burden of studying over break. 

Alexa Conlon (12) says that when midterms are after break she will not study, so she would prefer them to be before winter break!

After break:

When I asked Milla Broadwater (12) about midterms she answered vehemently “AFTER BREAK!” Her reasoning was because there is “so much work and so little time between breaks!” She believes that there isn’t enough turnaround time after fall break to prepare and know all the information before winter break.

Then when I asked Rowan Engelke (10) and Hayden Moody (10) they were in agreement about having midterms after break. Rowan said that there would be “too much going on before break so it would be too stressful.” Hayden agreed with Rowan saying there wasn’t enough time.

Lastly, Wren Allen said that she is “already low functioning after Thanksgiving, and [she’s] really ready for Winter break […] and [she’ll] be much more motived once break ends because [she] will have had a break.” While that was wordy, I think we all know what she means. Break gives us a much needed rest and motivation.

New year, new me, new motivation!

— Wren Allen

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