Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Discovering Teachers’ Spirit Animals

Release your inner roar and find out about spirit animals.


A spirit animal is defined as an animal that embodies a person’s personality and helps guide them in life. Many of us believe that we resonate with a specific animal and we often talk about what animal our friends would be. But have you ever thought about our beloved teachers and their spirit animals? Well, after asking some teachers what they believe their spirit animal is, the truth has been revealed. From a snuggly black lab to an animated fish, there’s something for everyone.


Ms. Yackey 


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming. We all know the character, Dory, from the childhood classic movie, Finding Nemo. Dory is warm-hearted and always means well, no matter the circumstances. What better way to describe Ms. Yackey than high energy, optimistic, and friendly. When asked what she believes her spirit animal is, she was ecstatic in her Dory response. Ms. Yackey elaborates by saying:

“I have the purest heart, but I mess up everything I touch and I move at 500 mph”. -Ms. Yackey


Mr. Percy 

Mr. Percy was not sure what his spirit animal was at first, but we informed him that it is definitely a liger. While tigers and lions are aggressive, ligers are more laid back despite their intimidating appearance. Mr. Percy may seem super serious but one personable conversation and he’ll be cracking a smile in no time. The common cliche, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is the perfect way to describe our wonderful math teacher and his inner liger. 


Ms. Shifflette: 

I have to admit that I was expecting Ms. Shifflette’s spirit animal to 100% be a cat, but she informed us that she has the spirit of a bear because “bears are strong, grounded, powerful, and protective.” Although I am deathly afraid of bears, I do have to agree with Ms. Shifflette’s idea that “bears are of the earth and respect the cycles of nature.” She’s fierce but playful, and she’s got the heart of a bear.  


Ms. Vann


A snuggly and laid-back creature with an individual spirit but still big on family, Koalas are the perfect fit for Ms. Vann. Although it is only Ms. Vann’s second year at Magnet, she is a staple member of the raptor nest. Her chillaxed demeanor and type B personality definitely shine through as the spirit of a koala. Ms. Vann describes herself as a very loyal person when it comes to her friends and family. But most of all she enjoys her alone time to relax, just like a koala. She adds: “If I could sleep in a tree all day, that would be rad”. No better way to put it, Ms. Vann! 

“If I could sleep in a tree all day, that would be rad.” -Ms. Vann 


Dr. Francis 

When asked for his spirit animal Dr. Francis had one of the most on-point answers, a noble river otter. River otters are such cute creatures and have a very friendly demeanor with a playful personality. Dr. Francis also had a detailed explanation as to why he believes himself to be a river otter: “We are intrinsically and cosmically linked in the universe because we are both smart, cunning, playful, agile and able to hold our breath for a surprisingly long time. A lesser-known fact about river otters and me is that we enjoy frozen custard.” If you ever have the pleasure of being in his Spanish class consider yourself lucky, he only radiates positive energy and is universally loved by the student body.


Mr. Rush

When we approached Mr. Rush asking what his spirit animal was, he was enjoying some free time with, of course, Mr. Stackhouse. The first obvious answer given by the two was a bald eagle. But after taking a second to think, Mr. Rush confidently and randomly answered with the dodo bird. His only comment was “They are extinct, there are no more like it.” Okay! Besides that comment, he did not have much to say about his spirit animal. A fun fact about the dodo bird is that they were flightless animals due to the fact that they had no predators. Similarly, Mr. Rush has no competition as he is one of the most loved teachers at Magnet. 


Ms. Langley 

Arguably the most surprising yet interesting answer was given to us by the one and only Mrs. Langley. When asked what her spirit animal is she confidently said she is a turkey vulture because they “glide effortlessly while cleaning up all the dead animals”.  At first, we imagined Ms. Langley to be a sea turtle (specifically the one from Finding Nemo) because they also glide effortlessly, but Ms. Langley strides with the power of a turkey vulture for sure. Underestimated and underrated is the turkey vulture!


Mr. Devenio

With his cool and calm behavior, Mr. Devenio carries the spirit of a sea turtle. He struggled to explain why he is a sea turtle, answering with, “IDK…I’ve seen them in real life before”. That had to be a wonderful feeling, like looking in a mirror and seeing your spirit.  Mr. Devinio also adds that when he observed the sea turtles, he concluded that “he could live like that”.  


Mrs. Hurt 

A dog is said to be a man’s best friend; similarly, Ms. Hurt is definitely a student’s best friend. Although Ms. Hurt may seem to be a strict classic English teacher, she is much more once you get to know her. If you ever get lucky enough to land a seat in her class or decide to take Newspaper, you will quickly discover her sweet and sarcastic personality. When asked what her spirit animal is she said black lab and added that she truly loved and resonated with her recently passed black lab. 


Dr. Altman 

Who else could possibly be a tuxedo cat if not Dr. Altman? Dr. Altman resonates with a tuxedo cat because she likes the elegance they display, she is super friendly when she wants to be, and she is proud of her individualism. She is “social, but likes her alone time”, and honestly, the class and confidence that tuxedo cats carry 100% make us think of Dr. Altman.

There’s no better way to describe your spirit than connecting with an animal. Whether you are as cool as a sea turtle or as fierce as a grizzly bear, it’s important to let your true self shine everywhere you are. Thankfully, our magnet teachers are all one of a kind and we are blessed to see them every day. Take the quiz below to find out what your spirit animal is and comment when you get your results! 

Spirit Animal quiz link:  

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