What Should You Do This Weekend?


Sometimes you just can’t decide what to do to unwind after a long and trying week of school. Not everyone likes to do the same things–certain activities appeal to different personalities. Take this quiz to find out which one is for you!

What is your favorite book?

     a. The Great Gatsby

     b. The Fault in Our Stars

     c. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

     d. The Hunger Games

How many friends do you have?

     a. Everyone’s my friend!

     b. One best friend

     c. Small group of close friends

     d. I only have enemies…

What’s your favorite school subject?

     a. PE

     b. RAD

     c. English

     d. AP Calculus

What’s your relationship status?

     a. I’m more into playing the field

     b. I’m with the love of my life

     c. I’ve had a few relationships in the past, but nothing serious

     d. Single as a pringle.

What do you eat for lunch?

     a. Whatever my mom packs me

     b. Spaghetti and meatballs

     c. School lunch

     d. I hunt my own food

Who’s your favorite teacher?

     a. Stackhouse

     b. Lankford

     c. Grimshaw

     d. Ladd

What’s your favorite music genre?

     a. Top 40 Hits

     b. Indie

     c. Country

     d. Spooky Halloween sound effects

8. What’s your favorite drink?

     a. Shots of wheatgrass juice

     b. Hot chocolate

     c. Butterbeer

     d. Blood (tomato juice)

What social media do you use often?

     a. Twitter

     b. Snapchat

     c. Instagram

     d. Tumblr

What sport do you play?

     a. Croquet

     b. Tennis

     c. Bowling

     d. Chess

Mostly As:

You are a social butterfly! You should definitely go to a party or a football game this weekend, because you get energy from being around other people. Sometimes you can be stuck-up, but you tend to have lots of friends anyways. Don’t forget to allow yourself some “me time” every once in a while. 

Mostly Bs:

You should go to the movies or the theater this weekend! You enjoy quiet activities that make you think, like reading a book. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality entertainment! It requires minimal interaction with other people, so this is the perfect activity for you.

Mostly Cs:

You should get a group of friends together and have a fun night in. You love to socialize with your pals, but the party life isn’t really for you. You prefer activities within your own social circle, where you’re comfortable. Order some pizza, play Twister, have a Harry Potter movie marathon, and enjoy your GNI!

Mostly Ds:

You’re not really one to go out on the weekends. Or ever. You need some alone time, so you should stay in and play World of Warcraft. Alone.