Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Your Favorite Teacher’s Favorite Team

Hear from your teachers about their favorite college football teams!

As the college football season kicks off, the halls of Academic Magnet are filled with spirited discussions, enthusiastic debates, and strong loyalties. While some teachers rally behind their home state teams, others find their teams elsewhere, creating an interesting culture of college football fandom within the school community. In this exploration of Magnet’s diverse college football fanbase, we delve into the stories, predictions, and unique perspectives of some of the school’s educators and administrators.

I interviewed teachers around the building asking them 1. What is your favorite college football team? 2. Why is this your team? 3. How do you think the team will perform this year? Some of these interviews with teachers happened before Week 3 so some predictions may be outdated. 

Dr. Zerbst: A Clemson Skeptic

Dr. Zerbst, like many others, pulls for Clemson. She roots her allegiance to the Tigers through family ties, as her daughter has taught at the university for years. Though she is a fan, she is not confident in the team this season or in the future. She says “They have been riding on good quarterbacks for too long.” She makes a bold prediction saying that Dabo Swinney will be fired after this season. Her skeptical outlook on the team’s year ahead contrasts with the optimism that is common among college football fans, especially this early in the season.

Ms. GG: Gamecock Hopeful

Our new assistant principal proudly announces her fandom for “obviously the Gamecocks” and has an extremely bright outlook for the team this season. She also has a rooting interest for South Carolina State as one of her former students starts at quarterback this year. Despite one of the most difficult schedules in the country, things are looking up. She makes the prediction that the Gamecocks will win out finishing the season 11-1; though she admits that this is slightly improbable it’s important to remain positive. We should all aspire to be as hopeful and optimistic as Ms. GG is. 

Mrs. Renes: Love For Both Carolinas

Mrs. Renes offers an interesting and unique perspective on the realm of college football, saying she roots for all teams in the Carolinas. This belief came into conflict when four Carolina teams played each other opening weekend. The results of these games took Mrs. Renes by surprise, like many others, and she was very critical of Dabo Swinney’s “brash” interviews. She also “loves a good Citadel game” no matter how they do. I’m not entirely sure how Ms. Renes navigates the various rivalries that exist across the Carolina state lines but I am certainly interested in this unique outlook.

Ms. Hurt: South Carolina Loyal

The leader of the Talon, Ms. Hurt has a similar viewpoint to Mrs. Renes. Ms. Hurt supports all South Carolina football teams. She has a slight preference for USC over Clemson when the rivals are pitted against each other but will proudly pull for Clemson any other week of the year. Despite her loyalty to the local programs, she admits that she doesn’t have enough knowledge to predict any records this season despite the time she spends listening to sports talk radio. 

Gamecock fans’ blood truly runs garnet. It’s in my blood.

— Ms. Lankford

Mrs. Lankford: A Passionate Gamecock

Mrs. Lankford is yet another USC Gamecocks fan but she may be the most enthusiastic of all fans. She is optimistic about the season saying “We will do well, last season took them a while, but this year I am expecting great things.” Last year she went to the electric win over Texas AM which is one of her favorite memories as a Gamecock fan. She may be the most passionate fan of our teachers, summarized by the quote “Gamecock fans’ blood truly runs garnet. It’s in my blood.” Ms. Lankford truly encapsulates what a loyal, passionate college football fan should look like, a good representative of fan culture here at Magnet. 

Dr. Lupo: Texas Tech Fanatic

Dr. Lupo’s view as fans rush the field after beating Texas.

Dr. Lupo, a Texas native, pulls for the Longhorns but her true fandom is for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. She grew up a Longhorns fan but attended Texas Tech University and has been a fan ever since. Her favorite memory as a fan was just last year when Texas Tech took the Longhorns down as massive underdogs and the entire stadium rushed the field. She also notes that Tech fans have the reputation of being some of the most rude but passionate fans in the Big 12. This season she limits her expectations but expects some good wins against teams such as West Virginia University, Kansas, and Iowa State. With a harder schedule, she predicts to end around 7-5 and be bowl eligible. 

Mr. Cosgrove: A Lifelong Wolverine

Mrs. Cosgrove, a student favorite, has been a lifelong fan of the Michigan Wolverines. He picked the team as a young kid, around 7 or 8 years old due to the chants and songs which he just heard and liked. He’s been a fan ever since. His favorite college football memory was when he was in college and he went to watch Delaware play James Madison for the conference championship, he said the energy was unlike anything he’s ever seen. He believes this will finally be the season for the Wolverines and that they will go 12-0 with a National Championship.

The Perspective of Magnet’s CFB Club Presidents

I also interviewed the Presidents of the Academic Magnet College Football Club, Harrison Crites and Connor Sawall. The club is led by rival fanatics, USC vs. Clemson. Harrison believes that the majority of Magnet students also follow the Gamecocks over Clemson because “their parents raised them correctly.” In contrast, Connor Sawall believes that most Magnet students are Clemson fans. There seems to be some bias in these beliefs. The co-presidents believe that Magnet students and Charleston as a whole have a strong College Football culture and intense rivalries. 

The world of college football at Academic Magnet is a diverse collection of passionate fanatics. From Dr. Zerbst’s cautious skepticism to Mr. Cosgrove’s optimism, every teacher or administrator brings a unique perspective to the sport and school. Regardless of their team’s performance, they exemplify the spirit of college football fandom, where the community continues despite team struggles. As the college football season unfolds, the enthusiasm and dedication of Magnet’s teachers unite the school community. 

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