Cavs vs Knicks Games 1-2


Alright, Cleveland, it’s been a long time coming. After a heartbreak last year from Trae Young of all people, some questionable offseason moves, and a 71-point game from Spida himself we’re finally ready for the playoffs. This article will be my reactions to games 1 and 2 and what I think we (the Cavs) need to do in order to be successful in the playoffs. 


Game 1: I have no words. All I have to say is someone needs to take the ball out of Cedi Osman’s hands and give it to literally anyone else. Most of our shot selection was pretty terrible and resulted in wasteful possessions. I guess most of the team felt like they were Dame and decided to pull from the logo when we had an open drive to the basket. Not to mention Josh Hart randomly having the game of his life. I guess they do it differently up in Philly. The main concern I have with this game though and the rest of the series is getting boards. Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley (a finalist for defensive player of the year) looked like small children compared to Julius Randle in the paint. They both have height and reach on him but I guess the big body was too much for both of them to handle. All of this aside, better shot selection and getting rebounds will keep the series competitive and keep the boys alive when they travel to New York. As long as Josh Hart doesn’t turn into Cam Thomas for those few games, the boys should be able to hold their own. See yall after game 2.

Game 2: Exactly what I thought was going to happen. I knew game 1 was a fluke and we would bounce back the next game. The two biggest things to take away for the Cavs this game were how well the offense worked when we didn’t force the ball through one person, and the bench players going crazy. In game 1, Spida took about 30 shots, and although he is our best shooter, the Knicks handled him very quickly by putting 2 people on him. Darius Garland became a perimeter threat with 32 points. The offensive rebounding also looked much better this game giving us a significant advantage in possession. Another big part of the reason we lose game 2 was the significant difference in scoring for both teams bench players. Although the Knicks have one of the “6th Man of the Year” finalists coming off the bench for them, the Cavs have plenty of reliable pieces subbing on as well. Caris Levert finished with 24 points, which goes to show when our bench players do their job, or just better than last game, we win. I am pretty scared for next game in the Garden. The only way the Knicks can really win is with momentum, and the sound barrier might just break in the Garden next game. Knicks fans are no joke. I might continue this series so be on the lookout for games 3 and 4 of the series with more angry reactions. See yall after game 3.