My Current Favorite Artists

My top 10 artist recs right now!!

I’m the type of person that has phases with certain artists that I obsess over. My latest ones have been really enjoyable to listen to so I thought I would give my 10 current favorite artists as recommendations to my fellow magnet peers.


1. Lush

Let me just say, if you like DreamPop you have to listen to Lush. They remind me of a

 mix of the Cocteau Twins and The Sundays. The instrumentals are beautiful and when you listen I would definitely use headphones. They have 5 albums, ,Gala(1990), Spooky(1992), Split(1994), Lovelife(1996), and Topolino(1996). My favorite is definitely Split, but I have t say that I want to listen to the other ones more because I have been obsessed with Split in the past few months because it’s just a no-skip for me. Although they don’t really release music anymore, I still recommend taking a look at their discography.

Favorite songs: Never-Never, Starlust, Sweetness and Light, and Kiss Chase


2. The Sundays

Ahhhhh. I am also obsessed with The Sundays. I absolutely love Harriet Wheeler’s voice, it’s so distinct. I’m trying to think of an artist to compare them to, but honestly they just have such a unique sound. Just like the other ones, they don’t really just fit under one genre, but I would definitely say their top ones are DreamPop, Shoegaze, and Alt Rock. They have 3 albums, including Static and Silence(1997), Blind(1992), and Reading, Writing & Arithmetic(1990). I absolutely love both Blind and Reading, Writing & Arithmetic, and highly recommend people to listen to both. I honestly haven’t listened to Static so I can’t really comment, but I’m sure it’s great too. The Sundays was a 90s band, and they don’t really release music anymore, but their releases are definitely worth a listen.


Favorite Songs: Goodbye, My Finest Hour, A Certain Someone, and Don’t Tell Your Mother

3. Chapterhouse

As a classic Shoegaze band, I would definitely say this one’s underrated. They don’t have much released, with mainly Blood Music and Whirlpool as their discography. However, I love their instrumentals and I recommend the Best Of compilation. As you can probably tell, I’ve been really into Shoegaze and Dreampop lately, and this band is also such a good band for these genres. 

Favorite Songs: There’s Still Life(definitely my fav), Pearl, and Mesmerize


4. DivineDevine

This band I stumbled upon from my Discover Weekly(thank you Spotify), and they are so underrated. They have one album, called Riot Of The Kelly Green Love(2021), and a lot of singles. I would say that their genre is indie pop. They’re definitely a more recent band, and are still consistently releasing music, and it looks like they started releasing music in 2018. The songs that I’ve listened to are pretty upbeat and I like to listen to them in the car so I would recommend that as well.

Favorite songs: Touch Me, BreakUp 2 Makeup, and you N I




5. Enjoy

I don’t really know how to describe the genre of Enjoy, but I would definitely say its unique. I think that Shoegza/Indie pop is the best way to describe it. He has quit a few albums(7), and most of them are fairly recent. The background music is really interesting because he seems to use other noises rather than just instruments for some of his songs(like in Small Car With Big Wheels). His music is more upbeat and it’s also the type that I like to play in the car.

Favorite songs: I’ve Wasted So Much Time, You Mean a Lot, and Small Car With Big Wheels


6. Jessica Pratt

This woman’s voice is just SO distinct and unique. Seriously, she has a beautiful voice and that’s one of the reasons she’s in my favorites right now. She has 3 albums, Quiet Signs, On Your Own Love Again, and her self-titled. She’s definitely eclectic, folk, indie type of music. I would say that the music I’ve listened to from her is kind of calming and the instrumentals are pretty. 

Favorite songs: Poly Blue, Greycedes, and Jacquelyn in the Background




7. Horse Jumper of Love

I first heard of this band when stumbling upon Orange Peeler in sophomore year, and have recen

tly gotten more back into them. If you want some songs that kind of sound fuzzy, this is the band for you. They’re very much shoegaze and kind of have slower songs that sound really good with headphones. They have 4 albums, including Demoo Anthology, Horse Jumper of Love(their self-entitled), So Divine, and Natural Part. Honestly I’ve mostly just listened to their self-entitled, but I would definitely recommend it. They’re a more recent band and have been pretty consistently releasing music. They actually just released a single in 2023 titled “I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes(Last Night Version)” and I would check that out too.

Favorite songs: Orange Peeler, Sun Poisoning, and Ugly Brunette


8. Okay Kaya

This is a female artist who kind of has an alternative pop style. She has 3 albums, but I would say my favorite is Watch This Liquid Pour Itself(2020). She has some groovy songs and a lot of calm ones as well. Her instrumentals are beautiful and I would definitely give her a listen. She kind of reminds me of Jessica Pratt style but completely different voice

Favorite songs: Mother Nature’s B*tch(it’s the most popular but so catchy), Baby Little Tween, and Overstimulated





9. Sandcastle

This was a band I saw at Tua Lengua, and honestly hadn’t heard of them before. After they performed though, I was pretty impressed so I looked into their discography. Made for This Life is their only album but they have some singles released too. Their music is slower and calming, and their genre is probably Shoegaze and Indie. I absolutely fell in love with their song Lucky Cigarette and it was on my On Repeat for probably a month. If anything at least give that one a listen.

Favorite songs: Lucky Cigarette and Oh, Heart 




10. Blood Orange

I LOVE Blood Orange. Dev Hynes has such a pretty voice, and his music has such a distinct style. Even his most popular song from TikTok, Charcoal Baby, is a banger. He has 5 total albums, including Coastal Grooves(2011), Cupid Deluxe(2013), Freetown Sound(2016), Negro Swan(2018), and Angel’s Pulse(2019). My favorite from these is Coastal Grooves, this album is a no-skip one for me. I love how unique each song sounds. Another thing I love about Blood Orange is that Dev Hynes has produces a wide span of genres. From jazz, funk, soul, R&B, and hip-hop he definitely does not just stick to one. Just to hype up Dev Hynes even more, the instrumentals are amazing, truly unmatched. Please go into Blood Orange’s discography, you will not regret.


Favorite songs: Champagne Coast, Tuesday Feeling, S’Cooled, Uncle ACE, It Is What It Is


So those are my 10 favorite artists right now! If you wanna share another favorite song by one of these artists or also listen to some of these let me know!