Life of the Magnet Historian: Is the Role Right for you?


The Academic Magnet Student Government is known to be an active force in the school, helping to organize events including Spirit Week, Semi, and Prom. The executive government is composed of many different positions such as the president, the vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer…and the historian. Perhaps a lesser-known position, the historian is actually one of the most important and crucial roles in our school. The position is currently fulfilled by Ella Chapman, a senior. As the position will be open next year, it is important that Raptors understand the position and the many responsibilities that come with it.

“Exec is a lot of fun and it’s been really interesting to be on the other side of student-council-run events like semi and spirit week. Spirit week is a lot more work behind-the-scenes than I thought it would’ve been but it’s still pretty rewarding to see how much fun people have during spirit week. For anyone who’s interested in running for historian while you’re at Magnet, these are the basic roles and responsibilities that you’re pretty much expected to do. My camera roll is literally overflowing with photos from school events and my screen time definitely went up a good amount since August. Overall, it’s a lot of fun and not that extraneous. Historian, which technically for next year is now being called the communications chair, means you have to go to weekly meetings, assist with executive council activities & keep everyone up to date on whatever is happening at school which mostly happens through Instagram.” -Ella Chapman, Executive Historian

One of the main responsibilities of the Magnet historian is to run a myriad of Instagram pages that keep the student body informed. Currently, Ella Chapman runs 6 different school-related Instagram accounts: @amhsstuco, @amhsofficial2023, @amhs2023decisions, @communityupliftproject, @amhswomenbasketball, and, most importantly, @amhstalonnewspaper. Of these 6 accounts, only 2 of them are mandatory for the historian role. However, it is expected that the historian take up more active roles as well. What are the purposes of each account? Which account is her favorite? Which one is her least favorite? Which account is the most time-consuming? Find out if the historian role is right for you…

It’s wild and cray.

— Ella Chapman, Executive Historian


@amhsstuco is the account mostly associated with the Historian because it is the direct voice of the executive AMHS Student Council, a self-proclaimed “government organization.” This is the account passed down from historian to historian. The current face behind the account: Ella Chapman. While the idea of this may be scary at first, Ella does a great job keeping the account up-to-date. With 218 posts, the account is full of historic records from past years and our contemporary times. It is a treasure, and the person running it has a massive responsibility to keep it this way. With 887 followers, the account has the ability to influence Raptors and spread important information all around. Surprisingly, this is only Ella’s second most followed account, with @amhsofficial2023 taking the gold medal. If you are not following these accounts, make sure to do so.

“This account is a lot of fun to run because it’s fun to interact with the student body through stories & posts. The most difficult part of running this account is trying to remain sort’ve transparent and professional I guess. Running this account has taught me is going out of my comfort zone and approach people I’ve never spoken to for the sole purpose of getting school event photos. Amhsstuco is near and dear to my heart and I’ll be sad to pass it on to next year’s historian.”


@amhsofficial2023 is (not surprisingly) the official account of Academic Magnet. It differs from the @amhsstuco account in that it is more so targeted at Raptor parents, as opposed to just the students. She currently runs this account alongside Dr. Russell, our amazing librarian. Posts on this account range from game day posts to day-to-day awards and recognitions.

“This account is probably less fun for me just because there’s more professionalism to it, due to the fact that it coordinates directly with parents and other adults, and there’s less creative freedom. That being said, working with Dr. Russell has been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot from her.”


My personal favorite account, the @amhs2023decisions account is the newest account to fall into Ella’s hands. However, this account is not a mandatory responsibility of the AMHS historian. That being said, it makes sense for the historian to run the account, and it seems as though Ella may have started a new tradition and a new responsibility for future historians. With 496 followers, it is Ella’s third most popular account. While it may seem like an easy process, Ella spends hours each week crafting a perfect post for each and every Raptor senior. She has to choose the background color, the logo, the picture placement and border, the font, etc. Ella does it all. She even made the executive decision to include a second baby picture on each post, and it makes the account so much more entertaining, emotional, and personal.

It’s 100% my favorite account to run.

— Ella Chapman


The @communityupliftproject was a club started last year that has many volunteer opportunities, including can food and clothes drives, to support the Charleston area. As an active member of the school, Ella decided to spread her Raptor wings around this account in order to continue her monopolization of Magnet’s social media presence. Here, you can find volunteer opportunities. This is Ella’s least active account, and maybe it is time for it move onto a new owner.


While her main role is the AMHS historian, Ella does have a little bit of a side hustle: manager of the Women’s Basketball Team. This account was created in the summer of 2020 alongside fellow seniors Kennedy Mackie and Livia Carroll.

“This account was a lot of fun to help run with Livia & Coach Jones because of how much fun it is to be around the basketball team and they’re really easy to celebrate. Also, I think that in recent years the sports team instagrams have had major revamps and are great sources of information for game days, senior night, and etc. This account was my first school-affiliated account so it has a special place in my heart.”


@amhstalonnewspaper is the official instagram account of the Talon! If you are looking for a great article to read but don’t know which one to choose, the @amhstalonnewspaper page is a great place to look. This account is pretty cut-and-dried and features articles about everything from sports, to pop culture, to things going on around school.

It appears that one of the roles of the AMHS historian is to monopolize the instagram accounts. If she wanted, Ella could take down the school with just a few clicks. Hence, electing the historian for the 2023-2024 school year is of utmost importance. We should also take a moment to recognize Ella for all she does for the school.

Overall, historian is really an almost fool-proof way to become involved with student council. If you have the drive and commitment to be involved with the behind the scenes of Magnet, you should definitely run for historian!

— Ella Chapman