How Well Do the Twins of Magnet Know Each Other?

An Inside Look at Raptor Twins


The first twins interviewed were THE Lankford twins of Academic Magnet. Relatively fresh faces around the Raptor Nest, these twins are from a military family and started attending Magnet their junior year.

The next twins interviewed were sophomores Lila and Louisa Garrett. Both of these twins are avid athletes, and you can probably catch them in track or cross country after school.

Continuing with class of 2025 twins, we have Jillian and Josie Vollmer. Both of these ladies are aquatic Raptors, with Josie placing third on the 400 Free Relay at the last SCHSL Swimming State Championship Meet.

For our final class of 2025 twins, we have Meredith and Hannah Finley. Meredith is a dancer, dancing for Mt Pleasant School of Performing Arts, and Hannah is a competitive cheerleader, competing for Wolf Pack Steel team.

Shoutout to the Lankford twins, Oliver Winebrenner (10), and his lunch table for assisting me in locating Raptor twins.

(L to R) Graycen Lankford (12) and Makenna Lankford (12)

What is your twin’s favorite color?

Makenna’s is yellow and Graycen’s is orange. Both answered correctly.

Louisa’s is green and Lila’s is blue. Lila expressed frustration that Louisa “always switches” her favorite color, but both answered correctly. 

Jillian’s is pink and Josie’s is blue. Jillian answered correctly, covering all the blue bases, but Josie guessed that Jillian’s favorite color was blue, which was met with sighs from her lunch table, as Jillian’s favorite color is actually pink!

Hannah’s is pink and Meredith’s is blue. Both answered correctly.


Who is your twin’s celebrity crush?

(L to R) Lila Garrett (10) and Louisa Garrett (10)

Makenna’s is Henry Cavill, and Graycen doesn’t have one. There was some extreme discrepancy with these answers, as Makenna said that Graycen’s celebrity crush is Chris Evans and Graycen was under the impression that neither she nor Makenna have celebrity crushes because it “elevates celebrities beyond normal level.”

Louisa’s is Tom Holland and Lila’s is Chris Hemsworth. Both answered correctly, and Lila added that Louisa’s could also be Louie Partridge.

Jillian’s is Jack Harlow and Josie’s is Jacob Elordi. Neither answered correctly, as Jillian hesitated and guessed that Josie didn’t have one, and then added that maybe it was Jack Harlow. Josie guessed that Jillian’s is Patrick Dempsey/Dr. Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy.

Hannah doesn’t have one and Meredith’s is Louis Patridge. Neither answered correctly, as Hannah admitted she had “no idea” who Meredith’s is, and Meredith guessed that Hannah’s celebrity crush was Louis Patridge as well.

(L to R) Jillian Vollmer (10) and Josie Vollmer (10).

What class in school is your twin best at?

Makenna’s is calculus, and Graycen’s is AP Literature. Both answered correctly.

Louisa’s is history and Lila’s is math. Both answered correctly.

Both Josie and Jillian self identified their best class as science, but both guessed the other’s to be math.

Hannah’s best class is English, as is Meredith’s. Both answered correctly.


What is your twin’s favorite season?

Makenna’s is summer and Graycen’s is “whatever season is coming next.” Graycen answered correctly, but Makenna guessed that Graycen’s favorite was summer.

Louisa’s is summer, as is Lila’s. Lila answered correctly, but Louisa guessed that Lila’s favorite season was fall.

Jillian’s is summer, as is Josie’s. Both answered correctly.

Hannah’s is winter and Meredith’s is summer. Both answered correctly.

What is your twin’s favorite TV show?

(L to R) Meredith Finley (10) and Hannah Finley (10)

Makenna’s is Jane the Virgin and Graycen’s is Vampire Diaries. Makenna guessed Graycen’s correctly, but Graycen guessed Makenna’s to be Vampire Diaries. To be fair, Makenna hesitated when I asked her, but she did say that her favorite show was Jane the Virgin. Graycen heavily disputed this and said that Makenna’s favorite show was “ACTUALLY Vampire Diaries.” Maybe Graycen just knows Makenna better than Makenna knows herself.

Louisa’s is Friends and Lila’s is The Arrow. Both answered correctly.

Jillian’s is Grey’s Anatomy and Josie’s is Ginny & Georgia. Both answered correctly.

Hannah’s is Gilmore Girls and Meredith’s is Stranger Things. Both answered correctly.

Would your twin swim with sharks for a million dollars?

Everyone said yes to this, and guessed that their twin would say yes, too. Although, as someone with “twinsider” info, Lila revealed that Louisa would “say yes, but once she got there she would say no.”

What is the first thing your twin would buy with a million dollars?

Makenna would buy skincare and Graycen would “go to Tanger and buy out every store.” However, Makenna predicted that Graycen would buy their parents a house and Graycen predicted that Makenna would join her on a Tanger shopping spree.

Louisa would buy clothes and Lila would buy a warehouse to make more money. Both guessed their counterpart’s actions correctly. Louisa especially was spot on, saying that Lila would “invest” the money.

Jillian would buy a “bunch of clothes” and Josie would buy “probably a house.” Jillian guessed that Josie would buy “clothes too.” Josie guessed that Jillian would buy a dog.

Hannah would buy a house and Meredith would use it for college. Hannah guessed that Meredith would save it, so both answered correctly.

What is a cool skill your twin has?

There was no overlap between self-identified cool skills and twin-identified cool skills. However, it was revealed that Makenna can wiggle her nose and Graycen can do 8 pull ups. More skills of interest include that Louisa is a “really good baker and cook” and has double-jointed shoulders, and Lila can hunt and has double-jointed thumbs. Josie described her twin as “talent-less.” Jillian said Josie is “good at burping,” and, with some prompting from her lunch table, Josie verified this information. I felt it necessary to include this information as Jillian delightedly said it would be “so goofy.” Meredith revealed that Hannah can “do a backflip” and Meredith can dance.