Kaleidoscope: the show that can be watched in ANY order


Kaleidoscope: the show that can be watched in ANY order. 

Released on New Year’s Day, Netflix’s new heist show can be watched in any order, yet all the episodes tie back to the finale. The series has 8 episodes and follows expert thief Leo Pap and his crew who are working to pull off a seven billion-dollar heist. The writers of the show explain that Kaleidoscope can be watched in any order and the only rule is that the “Black” episode is watched first and the “White” episode is watched last. “Black” introduces the show and “White” is the season finale. The remaining seven episodes are also named after colors and contain different events leading up to the heist in the grand finale. Kaleidoscope is a novel concept and could potentially transform modern television shows. Creator Eric Garcia wanted Kaleidoscope to be more than a tv series- he wanted it to be interactive, choose your own adventure experience. This freedom to choose has given watchers something to discuss. 


The order debates

Naturally, a debate over the BEST order to watch Kaleidoscope has emerged on the internet. With reportedly over 40,320 different ways to watch the show, the possibilities are endless. Naturally, some orders have been especially popular such as watching the show in “rainbow order.” Others argue that the show must be watched in reverse order for the best experience. Author, Stephen King, even weighed in on the matter and recommends that the show is watched chronologically. By mixing up the traditional entertainment experience, Kaleidscipe gives people autonomy over how they watch the show. 

Critic Reviews 

Despite its innovative concept, Kaleidoscope has received some less-than-stellar reviews. Rotten Tomatoes states, “While Kaleidoscope‘s interactive storytelling offers some flashy novelty, its color-coded story strands are unfortunately all in service to a disappointingly pedestrian plot.” It’s disappointing that TV critics dont love Kaleidoscope but I think that everyone can agree that the idea is creative. Senior Ellie Graham says, “I have tried to watch Kaleidoscope 3 times and I can never get more than 5 minutes in. I want to like it so bad, but I can’t because it feels like I am starting in the middle of the show.” 


Final Takeaways

Netflix announced that the goal of Kaleidoscope is to create a “nonlinear approach to storytelling.” Without even watching the show I can tell you that much. Does this innovative concept distract watchers from a predictable storyline and below-average characters? Possibly. The only way to find out is to watch. Personally, I have been too busy with Emily in Paris Season 3 (go check out the best and worst outfits from EIP season 3). 


Have you watched Kaleidoscope? Comment down below the best order to watch.