AMHS Celebrity Look-Alikes


Here at Magnet, it is no secret that we have a famous-looking student body. In order to find out the best celebrity look-alikes in our school, I sent out a survey asking, “Do you have a celebrity doppelgänger? Does your best friend get mistaken for a famous actress? Do you have a teacher with an uncanny resemblance to a Tik Tok star? Submit any and all AMHS celebrity look-alikes.” Since I kept the survey anonymous, the results of the survey were interesting, to say the least. I received an overload of responses to my survey, forcing me to narrow it down to the most popular responses. Here are the top 16 AMHS celebrity look-alikes. 

Starting off strong we have junior Cole Davis and rapper Jack Harlow. In my opinion, this comparison is a bit of a stretch, but I see where this one is coming from.                 

By popular demand, we have Mr. McCormick and Ian from Alvin and the Chipmunks. In Mr. McCormick’s bio class, I knew I recognized him from somewhere. I used to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked on repeat and I can envision Mr. McCormick in the duck suit that Ian wears for the majority of the movie. While not all of the lookalikes are spot on, Ian is certainly Mr. McCormick’s celebrity doppelganger.

A personal favorite Magnet look-alike of mine is Tate Brown and the girl from Game of Thrones. Tate’s doppelganger was submitted to me by a parent, who chooses to remain anonymous at this time. Seeing the side-by-side comparison really seals the deal for me on this one.

Next up is the classic identity crisis: Avery Voelkel and Laura Robertson. These local celebrities get mixed up so much that they just respond to each other’s names to save the trouble. Even Avery Voelkel’s grandfather misidentified Laura Robertson as his granddaughter when he tried to hand her a one hundred dollar bill. Who can blame people for their mistake though because in the words of an unnamed Magnet graduate, “that whole friend group looks the same.”

that whole friend group looks the same

— unnamed Magnet Graduate

James Prutting has too many celebrity look-alikes to count. As our senior class president Lily Coulter puts it, “James Prutting is the most versatile man in America.” From Dwight Shrute to the the Paul Dano from the new Batman, JP does it all. He also has been mistaken as Harry Potter and the boy from the Polar Express on occasion.

James Prutting is the most versatile man in America

— Lily Coulter

Another popular submission is Ty Osmond and Minecraft YouTuber Tommyinnit. This resemblance is so spot on even down to their attire.

Moving on to senior McRae Wallace’s celebrity twin: Hermey from Rudolf. This claymation elf shares McRae’s “mischievous smile,” as Mrs. Hurt puts it, and is part of the reason the two look so similar.

With many sources to back me up, senior Alan Muthard bares a striking resemblance to a young Ryan Gossling. Apparently, this comparison is no revelation and he has been frequently been informed of his look-alike.

Next, we have Lukey Sutherland and Ellen Degeneres. Dare I say, this may be the most accurate celebrity doppelganger thus far. The resemblance is uncanny. Whenever I pass Lukey in the hall I have to take a double take before I realize it is not actually Ellen herself.

My survey responses were flooded with this next pairing: Mason Atwood and Eleanor Roosevelt. I did not see the resemblance until I made the side-by-side comparison. Though this is not an exact match, I can see where y’all are coming from on this one.

Next, we have senior Ellie Graham and Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You. I think Ellie and Kat look so similar and I am excited this pair made the list.

Another classic mix-up within our community is Pierson Tobin and Wilson Burns. These two gingers look very similar and I mix them up myself. This side-by-side comparison speaks for itself.

Moving on to one of the fan favorites and self reported look alike: Spence Cox and Timothy Chalamet. Not sure that I see the resemblance, but I received this response so many times I felt inclined to include it. Maybe I am missing something, but I am not sure these two are in the running for the top look-alike.

Next, we have Mr. DeVenio and Mr. Rush. Having had both of them, I can safely say these two magnet teachers do look undeniably similar and are bound to confuse the underclassmen.

While this list sticks to mostly upperclassmen and teachers, I decided to throw in this celebrity lookalike merely because I was intrigued. A source tells me that Fitz Browning and Beetlejuice could be twins. Now I am not sure where this came from. Why Beetlejuice? What is the significance here? Take a look at the side-by-side comparison and maybe you will understand more than I do.

Lastly, I leave you with Jackson Ethredge and the baby from Ice Age. No comment.


Editor Note: I was just reviewing this article and thought of a crucial lookalike that was left out. I feel compelled to add Pierson Tran as Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

There you have it Raptors, those are 16 AMHS celebrity lookalikes. Were these comparisons accurate? Do we need a Part 2? Leave a comment down below!