NFL Trade Deadline

Money Moves and Mistakes


With the closing of the NFL Trade Deadline, many teams sent and received different players and draft picks in order to benefit their teams. A lot of moves were made so I won’t be covering all of them, but I will be sharing the most interesting and “game-changing” moves made by teams.  


Lions send pro bowl tight end TJ Hockensen to rival Vikings for draft picks

After putting up a top 5 tight-end performance for the first half of the year, I guess the Lions saw the opportunity. This trade confirms that the Lions are still rebuilding and looking for all the draft picks that they can get. This trade did come as a surprise to many as Hockensen has continued to prove himself as a downfield threat and even as a “yards after catch” threat, dragging the defenders down the field with him. I do have some questions as to what the thought process was behind sending him to their division rival Minnesota Vikings. Not only are they division rivals, but also boast one of the best offenses in the NFL. The addition of TJ Hockensen will only continue to improve this offense and their domination of the NFC North.


Bears acquire Chase Claypool from Steelers for a second-round pick.

The best move made by any team in my opinion. Chase Claypool has dealt with bad quarterbacks his whole career. With the recent breakout of the Bears quarterback Justin Fields, throwing as many good receivers at him as possible is an idea I can get behind. With Claypool also being very young, a connection between him and Fields is likely to develop. There is also a lack of receivers in Chicago, so Claypool will quickly take over the wr1 status of Darnell Mooney, posing as an undeniable downfield threat. This is exactly what the Bears’ offense needed and I’m excited to see what Claypool can do for this organization. With Fields legs and Claypool’s hands, the Bears are ready to start winning some games.

Bills acquire Nyheim Hines from the Colts

Just what the Bills needed! Another stud pass catcher! In all seriousness, Hines is going to be a great addition to this pass-heavy offense. The Bills barely used Zach Moss and would much rather run the ball with Josh Allen, especially after ruling out the possibility of passing. Hines is freakishly athletic and will be a phenomenal check-down option for Allen when the pass is ruled out and is a yards-after-catch threat as well. Although I am envious of the already phenomenal Bills getting even better, I am happy in the sense that this acquisition will improve the Bills’ chances at winning the AFC significantly because the running back position is the only position they truly lacked in. I don’t think I can stand to watch another Jackson Mahomes playoff tik tok, especially if he is dancing on a grave again! So if the Bills can do their part in taking down the Chiefs, I’m all for it!

I’m excited to see Hines turn into a top 10 back in the league.

— Boris Pekar

Jeff Wilson to the Dolphins

An interesting choice on Miami’s part. Yes, Chase Edmonds sucks but bringing in another decent running back who arguably does the same thing as Raheem Mostert does not solve the problem. In the grand scheme of things maybe Mostert does bring a little more versatility to the passing game that Miami so dearly loves, but in my opinion, this just creates more runningback dissonance than there already was. However, for Jeff Wilson, this is one of the best things that could’ve happened. He is known as one of those backs who goes in on first or second down and gets you those 6 or 7 yards you need to start out a series. I feel the Dolphins will definitely use Jeff’s strength and speed to their advantage to start series, and Mostert’s elusiveness to pick up that first down as a check-down option. An explosive backfield nonetheless and an exciting new start for Wilson after his job was taken by CMC.

Calvin Ridley to the Jags

The thought process behind this trade was a bit interesting. However, the irony of this trade completely outweighs any doubts had about it. The fact that Calvin Ridley ended up on the same team that he was suspended for betting on is beyond me, but I guess the NFL scriptwriters were bored and wanted to shake things up. I remember the glory days when I had Ridley on my fantasy team and he tore it up in Atlanta. I’m excited to see how he performs after his little two-year break in a new and growing environment. In my opinion, if he continues to perform at the level he was at 2 years ago, then Jacksonville will be a perfect fit for him surrounded by a young offense. I am also a huge advocate of throwing as many receivers as you can at Trevor until he is good. His receiving core is mediocre at best and for a newer quarterback that just doesn’t work. Ridley if he were to perform at his previous levels will be the wide receiver one there and be a deep threat for Trevor to throw to. I am excited for the Jag’s offense and Trevor because Kirk sucks and someone else needs to step up. The future looks bright Jacksonville! I am so sure of Ridley being a stud in Jacksonville next year, I would bet on it!


In conclusion, the trade deadline definitely caused the league to shake up a little. However, this was overall a good shake up and I am excited to see what the future holds for these players and their new teams. Bustin Fields has someone to throw to, the Bills got another stud, and Hockensen is now on a winning team! I hope the teams that received players make the most of these opportunities as people like Hines have plenty of potential that will hopefully be unlocked in their new environments.