NFL Power Rankings Week 6 and My Thoughts

Intro: We are six weeks into the 2022 NFL season this year and it has been wild, to say the least. Many great teams from the 2021 season continue to dominate the field while some seem to have fallen apart slightly with the loss of depth at certain positions. There are even some new dark horse playoff contenders this year, continuing to defy the odds. Here are the NFL power rankings after a surprising 6 weeks:


    1. Buffalo Bills (5-1) – the Bills played in arguably one of the best games of the season this week in a much-anticipated rematch of the 2021 AFC Divisional Round against the Chiefs. Both teams had great games, especially team quarterback Josh Allen throwing for a whopping 329 yards and 3 touchdowns against a respectable defense. The Buffalo defense also looked better than usual with linebacker Von Miller putting up 6 six sacks against a very mobile quarterback. While they still suffer from injuries in star players like Micah Hyde, the Bills back ups are stepping up to get the job done. Especially Taron Johnson snagging a game-sealing interception to crush the hopes of those at Arrowhead Stadium. 
    2. Philadelphia Eagles (6-0) – The Eagles posted an impressive win over one of the top defenses in the league this week, beating the Dallas Cowboys 26-17 in Philly. Quarterback Jalen Hurts continues to be one of my MVP candidates for this season. Although he only posted mediocre numbers at best this week, we must remember that the Cowboys have arguably the best defense in the league, and weeks before this Jalen proved to be an air and ground threat. The dual-threat receiver core in Philly also proves to be an outstanding problem for defenses with both DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown getting in the endzone this week, simultaneously crushing my hopes of getting a third win this year in fantasy. Miles Sanders also continues to prove himself as one of the top running backs this season, getting in the endzone for the Eagles this game as well and rushing for above-average numbers against a defense known for stopping the run. On the other side of the ball, Darius Slay continues to prove himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the league, shutting down most if not all the top receivers he is up against. The Eagles are a force to be reckoned with this year and I am excited to see how far this offense goes.
    3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) – Chiefs, specifically you Pat, I’m disappointed. Since when do you force passes like that? All I needed was that game-winning touchdown pass out of you and my 5-dollar loss would’ve turned into a 100-dollar gain. However, it wasn’t all bad for the Chiefs. Arguably the most anticipated game of the season brings out high tensions in game-deciding situations. So Pat you are forgiven. Although the tough loss, the Pat to Kelce bombs continue to be every team’s kryptonite. Does he ever block? Or is he just an excuse for a 4th receiver downfield? Travis had 8 receptions for 108 yards this game and continued to bail the Chiefs out on 3rd and long every time. Juju finally looks to be making an impact as well with 113 receiving yards and a touchdown this game. The Chiefs offense continues to be one of the top threats in the NFL and after this week’s TNF game, I am beyond thankful for teams like these.
    4. Minnesota Vikings (5-1) – The Minnesota Vikings posted a sort of impressive win this week against the heavily injured Dolphins. Skylar Thompson stubbed his thumb or something so Teddy Bridgewater was back from concussion protocol. Although he threw for 329 yards and 2 touchdowns, his two interceptions and constant missed passes to my flex, Jaylen Waddle, has me excited to have Mr. CTE back from the dead. Kirk Cousins continues to prove me wrong about taking Aaron Rodgers the pick before him and the Jettas-Thielen combo is a top problem for most defenses. Justin Jefferson is the best fantasy receiver in the league right now, constantly posting ridiculous numbers each week. The Mattison-Cook duo also proves to be a constant ground and air threat for most teams, and likely will be for the rest of the season. I am very hopeful for the Vikings this year as long as their defense pulls it together.
    5. New York Giants (5-1) – Wow. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but the Giants are good. They don’t have good receivers, the defense kinda sucks, and they have an only average quarterback, but they got Saquon! I guess that’s all you need when he’s the best running back in the league. I don’t have much to say about the Giants besides the fact that I accidentally took Wandale Robinson in our best ball league so that’s cool. Although only winning by one score against bad teams most weeks, I am excited to see how far the Giants go this year with new head coach Brian Daboll and their fourth-quarter game-winning plays, giving me 2021 Steelers vibes. I’m thinking of a Wild Card Weekend exit for them at best but I’m all for it.
    6. Dallas Cowboys (4-2) – As much as I hate the Cowboys, a big thanks to CeeDee for keeping my team and his team afloat this year. I understand the Eagles have a good defense and Cooper Rush is a backup quarterback, but what was that? He was throwing to receivers that weren’t even there Sunday night, along with a couple of straight-up lasers… to the defense! But after all of those mistakes made on Sunday night, I am hopeful for the future of this offense. The defense’s back is about to break with how hard they are carrying this team but now that Iron-Dak is back with a new pin and plate in his thumb, the offense will hopefully get back to the speed it was running things last year, and maybe even a Dak-Cooper relationship will develop between him and CeeDee. Cowboys I hate you, but am hopeful for your playoff chances this year.
    7. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) – Where do I even start? Quite possibly the unluckiest team in the NFL this year, the Ravens have let up 500 passing yards and 6 touchdowns in the fourth quarter this year. Although the Ravens have a flashy offense with dual-threat Lamar Jackson at quarterback and speedy receivers at every position, there are still two sides of the ball. I do not see the Ravens going far in their playoff run this year if this problem is not somehow solved. However, I am hopeful that the Raven’s secondary has learned their lesson about giving up in the fourth quarter and can see them finally putting out a win this week against their division rival Cleveland Clowns.
    8. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2) – 57 passing attempts and no touchdowns? What’re we doing out there Herbs? In my opinion, the Chargers have had a very slow start this year compared to last year’s offense. The absence of Keenan has obviously had a substantial impact on the efficiency of this offense, but that does not excuse the 6 targets but only 2 receptions for Mike Williams. In the end Russ burnt the kitchen down and the chargers pulled away with a win, but the future of this offense is in jeopardy and in desperate need of Keenan back. 
    9. New York Jets (4-2) – Breece Hall is unreal. Literally the only reason my fantasy team is still even remotely alive. He has had two 20 point fantasy games the past two weeks and above 10 point games the weeks before. I am excited to say the Jets future is looking bright. Although they are in one of the toughest divisions right now, the Jets stomped the Packers on Sunday at Lambeau Field. Sauce Gardener continues to prove why he is the best defensive rookie this year, still not having allowed a touchdown this season. An incredible stat to say the least. Also Garret Wilson is putting up wr1 numbers this year. He had a slow week this week but will be back up to par next week. Zach Wilson is also looking, well, better than Joe Flacco! I am very hopeful for this team this year and would love to see Breece succeed. Aaron Rodgers owns a lot of teams, but the Jets aren’t one of them.
    10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3) – Well, the NFC South sucks again. But as a Panthers fan that’s a good thing. Honestly it’s anyone’s game so far and gives me slight hope. Anyway I’m not sure what happened to the Bucs this week. Pickett literally got a concussion and y’all couldn’t pull out a win? I guess they don’t call him money mitch for nothing. Lenny continues to be a RedZone threat in the air and on the ground and I take back everything I said about him being “washed” before the draft. Chris Godwin is back. It’s been a long time coming, but I slept on him this year after his prior injury. I think it is safe to say he will at least be in the realm of the numbers he was putting up in years prior. Tom Brady is old, but no way y’all lose to PJ Walker next week. I am also thinking an early round exit in the playoffs for Tom and the fellas.