AMHS International Dinner


Courtesy of the Academic Magnet Booster and Academic Magnet Foundation Facebook

If you’re the typical food lover like I am- the annual Academic Magnet International Dinner happening on Saturday, November 5 from 6-8pm, is the event for you.

I feel like this event doesn’t get enough hype, but it really is amazing. It truly is a unique experience that allows students and parents to embrace and celebrate different cultures through the sharing of food. Sponsored by PIE, the event consists of different volunteers bringing in foods from various countries and then students, parents, and faculty enjoying this delicious food for the small price of  $15 per person or $40 for a family(I mean $15 is not even 1 full meal at the typical restaurant these days- this price is more than worth it). There’s also live music to enjoy from your own Magnet peers! Additionally, PIE offsets the food costs by providing $75 per table, so volunteers do not even have to pay a penny to participate. Each table represents a country, and the volunteers’ task is to provide 2-4 dishes from their country with 150 sample sizes available per dish. Decorations and serving utensils need to be provided by the volunteer to enhance the look of the table. However, PIE will provide tablecloths, plate ware, chafing dishes, serving tables, drinks, and gloves. As for volunteers at the event, literally anyone can help out. Student volunteers will be servers and clean up afterward, as well as help set up the night before(Friday, November 4 from 3:45-5:30 pm). The more volunteers the better! Not only would this be a fun opportunity, but it would also be promoting the sharing of the various cultures within the Magnet community.


Recap(the SparkNotes version of the info for the international dinner): 

  • a celebration of different cultures!
  • price is $15 per person or $40 for a family
  • volunteers are paid back with a stipend of $75 per person
  • volunteers should choose a country and provide 2-4 dishes from it, with 150 sample sizes available per dish
  • volunteers should bring decorations and serving utensils, but everything else is provided for by PIE
  • volunteers of all kinds are needed to help before, during, and after the event as well!
  • tickets are at-
Radhika Pandey(12) and Aditi Das(class of 2022) at the International Dinner in 2019.

To get a deeper look into the dinner, I interviewed Leila Tabrizian, a current senior at Magnet because her family brought in a dish in 2019 (the last time we had it because of Covid), and she also attended the dinner. 

Did you enjoy your overall experience at the dinner?

I thought the International Dinner was so much fun freshman year!! There were a ton of different tables with international cuisine, and there was also live music from AMHS musicians. 

What was your favorite part of the International Dinner?

My favorite part of the dinner was definitely trying all the food. Everyone there prepared so many great dishes, and I remember going back for seconds.

Would you recommend other students to go to the dinner?

I would 100% recommend all magnet students attend the dinner. You get to eat lots of great food with your classmates and engage with your community. Every table puts a lot of effort in sharing their culture, and sharing culture through food is so beautiful.

Do you remember which food dish was your favorite?(it’s ok to say your own too)

Everything I ate was super good, but I specifically remember the Egyptian semolina cake, basbousa, it was soooo good, probably my favorite. 

How was the preparation for the dinner? Did you help your mom at all with the dish and did she enjoy preparing it?

The preparation for the dinner was a lot of fun, although admittedly I didn’t help my mom too much. My mom made her Spanish empanadas which are a classic in my family, and I feel like they were popular at the dinner too. She really enjoyed preparing it and sharing a recipe that is important to her with the community. Additionally, I found out this year that PIE will reimburse you up to $75 for the ingredients, which is a great plus. 

How would you rate your overall experience with the International Dinner?

My experience was great and I am so excited to be bringing it back this year. It’s definitely my favorite AMHS tradition.


Overall, I highly encourage any AMHS students available on November 5 to attend the International Dinner. It’s a wonderful opportunity to embrace other cultures and enjoy some delicious food at the same time!

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