Keeping up with the Fall Sports Teams

Your Guide to Magnet Sports


Although fall sports are coming to an end, there is still time to come cheer on your fellow Raptors in athletic events. You may be wondering – How should I find information about all the various sports teams and their schedules? The answer to this: Instagram. Many of the fall sports teams run Instagram accounts to keep fans updated on the progress of their seasons and upcoming events. In order to find the latest schedules, event results, practice updates, and soon playoff information, you should check out one of the many Raptors’ sports Instagram pages. In addition to the individual sports pages, the booster club also has an Instagram page that houses a lot of valuable information on all things AMHS sports. 

Home to 12 different fall sports teams, it is almost impossible to attend every fall sport event, thus, the Instagram pages are a vital part to the Raptors’ fan bases. The Fall sports teams are as follows: Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Girls Golf, Varsity Tennis, JV Tennis, Varsity Boys Cross Country, Varsity Girls Cross Country, Varsity Boys Swimming, Varsity Girls Swimming, Varsity Boys Volleyball, Varsity Girls Volleyball, JV Girls Volleyball, and Varsity Football.

To start us off, we have the girls that keep the Birdcage going. If you’re looking to keep up with the cheerleading team, their Instagram is @amhscheerteam. The cheer team’s Instagram does not seem to be the most active, but they make up for it with their school spirit! Here, you can find team pictures and many reasons on why you may want to join the team. The Cheerleading team has some competitions coming up in the remaining few weekends of October, and you can find them at the football games during the Fall. Go Raptors!





Next is the Girls Golf team, @amhsgirlsgolf. This page has been recently growing and alerts fans on upcoming matches. Congratulations to the girls golf team who just won the 2A Regional Championship, beating Bishop England and Oceanside at Patriots Point. In fact, this makes back to back regional championships for the team as they were the 3A Champions last year. The team will be heading to the State Championship October 17th and 18th. Good Luck Raptors! 





If you follow any Raptor sports on Instagram, you probably follow the Girls Tennis Team. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should take a look @amhsgtennis. The tennis team keeps their Instagram fans very engaged and up to date with real time stories of their matches and practices. In addition to their stories, their page also features frequent team updates and even hype-videos! There are just a couple more matches for the team before their regular season comes to a close on October 10 at Philip Simmons High School. Go give them a follow!




Now we have the Girls Cross Country team, @amhsgirlsxc. Despite there only being one post from this cross country season, you are probably familiar with this team. Oftentimes, team members can be seen running at after school practices, preparing for their meets. Cross Country meets are generally held on early weekend mornings. If you are looking for more updates on this team, Ms. Hooffstetter or a team member is the person to talk to. Go Raptors!




Next is the Swim Team. Although there are quite a few Instagram accounts that were once home of our aquatic raptors, the most recent appears to be @raptorswim. Unfortunately, there have not been any updates to this account since the ending of last season, but these teams are often featured on other AMHS Instagram accounts for their great successes. The boys team just won regionals and will be heading to the state meet this weekend. Good luck Raptors!





Our brand new Boys Volleyball team has made an impressive impression through their Instagram page, @amhs.mens.volleyball. They make sure to keep fans who want to watch them make history up to date on upcoming matches. This page definitely has a lot of personality, which keeps fans coming back for more. They have just a few more games before their inaugural season comes to a close, so try and make it out to see what men’s volleyball is all about. Go Raptors!





Keeping with the theme of volleyball, we have our Girls Volleyball Instagram, @raptorsvolleyball. Don’t be fooled, this page has just as many updates and surprises as the boy’s team. They are consistently updating fans with game outcomes and free T-shirt giveaways at their games. Wow! The Girls Volleyball Senior night will be on Monday, October 10th due to the precious cancellation because of Hurricane Ian. Make sure to come out on Monday night and support your seniors! Bump, Set, Spike!




Finally, we have our very own @amhs_raptorsfb. As many of you may know, the football team is having a historic season with a current record of 5-0. This Instagram page features many football game details and links to vote for Player of the Week. The raptors have four more regular season games that you do not want to miss. Senior Night will be on Friday, October 15 at the D4 Stadium. RaptorFootballTouchdownScore!




This article would not be complete without the mentioning of the Instagram page of our very own Booster Club. The Booster Club, @amhsboosterclub, is your place to find all information Raptor sports. In addition to being a great source of information on Instagram, the Booster Club does countless things for our Raptor Athletes to make the seasons successful. Their contributions are a vital part of AMHS athletics. We love you Booster Club!




I hope that I have provided you with all the directions you could need to find fall sports teams information at AMHS, and I hope to see you in the Birdcage soon! (@amhsbirdcage on insta)