Your Guide to The Birdcage


What schools like JICHS, Wando, West Ashley, and Lucy Beckham have in size, we make up for in spirit. It would be very easy to argue that the AMHS Raptors have the most spirited student section out of any school in the Charleston County school district. However, with great power comes great responsibility. There are many unspoken rules to the Birdcage that many of our younger students aren’t familiar with, whether it be because they are freshmen, haven’t been able to attend games, or due to lack of communication. To bridge that gap, this article will help outline the basics of getting the most out of CCSDs best student section. 

Photo courtesy of @amhsbirdcage

Firstly, we’ll start with the “official” rules.

-Although we aren’t technically in school, the CCSD code of conduct still applies to any sports games. This means that we cannot be bullying other students (from AMHS or the opposing team), using inappropriate language, or breaking dress code.  

-No food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the stadium, so make sure you bring some money to buy a snack or a soda at the concession stand.

-If you want to bring a bag into the game, it has to be clear. The AMHS merchandise department has some awesome Raptor vinyl bags, which can make you supportive and fashionable at every sporting event.

Photo courtesy of @amhsbirdcage

Next, and arguably the most important part; etiquette.

-There are many unspoken rules of the Birdcage, but one that should go without saying is that if you’re in the crowd, you need to be loud. Nothing is less fun than a student section full of silence. To do this effectively, just follow the seniors lead. Our spirit leaders will help us get through the game with fun chants (more on those later) and will make sure the game stays lively.

-To build off of the last point, it is crucial to listen to the spirit leaders. You will find them dressed to the nines in the very front and center of the Birdcage. They are the ones who keep the student section in line and if we all do our part in paying attention, the game will be the most fun that it can be.

-The cheerleaders are another key player in the operation of our student section. They lead many of our cheers and work hard to perfect their cheers and stunts, so pay attention to them and show some appreciation. 

-While the Birdcage tends to get rowdy, we also have to stay respectful. A key aspect in etiquette is to kneel when any player on the field is hurt. Also, when the player is able to get up again they deserve a huge cheer, no matter the team. 

-The final part of etiquette is seniority. The stands should be hierarchal–freshman in the back, sophomores and juniors in the middle, and seniors in the front. If you’re questioning whether or not you’re in the right place, move back.

Photo courtesy of @amhsbirdcage

One thing theres been a lack of this year is dressing out, especially among the underclassmen.

-If you are going to attend a game, you need to make sure you are in theme. For freshmen and sophomores, being vaguely in theme—like following a color scheme or a low effort D.I.Y. outfit— is acceptable. However, if you are a junior or senior you have a responsibility to go all out. 

-If you’re unsure of what the theme is for a game, you can often catch Vishwa saying it on the morning announcements the day before or day of the game. But if you’re really on top of it, you will follow @amhsstuco, @amhsbirdcage, and @amhs_raptorsfb to get all of your game day information way ahead of time. 

-And if you’re confused on how to compete with all the amazing outfits, I’ll give you a little hint: Amazon and Party City are your best friends. 

Photo courtesy of @amhsbirdcage

Now this seems to be the least understood part of the Birdcage; our cheers. So, here’s a little step-by-step to some of the most iconic AMHS cheers.

-Raptors in the front, let me hear you grunt !


Raptors in the middle, let me hear you sizzle!


Raptors in the rear, let me hear you cheer!




(progressively get faster, end with cheers)


-Raptors! Strap in!

(Pretend like you are on a roller coaster! Follow the spirit leaders)


-Raptoooors, are you ready? To pump it up, to pump it up, to pump it pump it pump it up!


Freshmen, are you  ready? To pump it up, to pump it up, to pump it pump it pump it up!

(freshmen only)

Sophomores, are you  ready? To pump it up, to pump it up, to pump it pump it pump it up!

(sophomores only)

Juniors, are you  ready? To pump it up, to pump it up, to pump it pump it pump it up!

(juniors only)

Seniors, are you  ready? To pump it up, to pump it up, to pump it pump it pump it up!

(seniors only)


-Raptors football touchdown score oooooooh!

(chant when we are near the end zone, progressively get faster)


-We love our boys!

(only chant this at the end of the game)


– Shhhhhhh! *insert name*! SPEECH!

(everyone get silent and let the chosen person say what needs to be said)


*Please see Ella Sanders’ cheer team article for some more insight on important cheers from a real AMHS cheerleader*

Harrison Crites blowing a kiss to the adoring student section