The Louis Fisher Candy Gram Saga

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This past Valentine’s Day was full of love as people gifted candy, flowers, and quality time to their significant others or close friends. There are few, however, who received more of an outward show of appreciation than the one and only Louis Fisher.

It all started with his friend group. They decided it would be funny to send a bunch of the student council fundraising candy grams to Louis. The first year, he received about 50, an already unmatched amount. The next year, it was an even bigger deal. Even the teachers knew that he was on track for loads of candy. Mrs. Benton, his first period teacher, came to his desk with candy gram after candy gram. All addressed to Louis, even Captain America and Iron Man took the time to send a piece of candy and note his way. He ended the day with around 150 candy grams, an unheard of record.

This year was his final Magnet Valentine’s Day. A goal was set: over 200. President Hunter Suttcliffe included it in the morning announcements, Instagram posts advertised it, and it spread by word of mouth.

Makes me feel loved, makes me feel special

— Louis

The final count? 250! He’s not going to run out of lollipops anytime soon. 🙂 In fact, Anson Clark said that Louis got more candy grams this year than everyone else combined!

When asked how it makes him feel, Louis said it “makes me feel loved, makes me feel special.” Senior David Wang chimed in with a question, “Why do you think you were chosen by God for this purpose?” Louis said he didn’t know, but that he started out not liking it. His friends are the ones that thought it would be funny. It grew on him though over the years. “I just wanna thank all the people that donated and gave me them,” he said. “Wait, that’s really cheesy. That’s bad.”

Someone unlucky enough to have friends like that

— Louis

I asked who he though should be the next Louis Fisher. Who should be the one next year to carry on the fundraising tradition? “Someone unlucky enough to have friends like that,” Louis said. “Oh, that’s dark… *haha* I don’t know.”

So now, it’s up to y’all. Band together, pick somebody, and keep the saga going.