Rocket League Sideswipe: The Next AMHS Craze


Yet another mobile game has infected the ranks of the #2 school in the nation. Retro Bowl is out and Rocket League Sideswipe is in. Students can be found in the back of classrooms with their heads glued to their phone, fixated on their car design and rank. But what makes this game different from other mobile games. For one, Rocket League is already a very popular console and computer game released in 2015. It is a driving game in which cars, controlled by players, fly around a soccer arena trying to hit a giant soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. This interesting game idea quickly took off and has even fostered a community of E-sports players. Some magnet students have even competed and won Rocket League tournaments. The mobile sideswipe version allows players to play with friends in the same arena. This feature makes the game especially fun to play in person with someone else.

With the release of Rocket League Sideswipe, original Rocket League fans were able to play their favorite game of their phone. The main difference is that the the mobile version is two dimensional, while the original is three dimensional. Two dimensional games are easier to play, making the phone version easier to learn and easier to play well. The original 3D version is considered challenging, which often scares away new players who struggle to play. With a few days of practice, mobile sideswipe players can fly around and score goals like the pros.

Another great feature is the customization of cars in the game. Players can change their car, color, and the design. Players can put crazy and fun cosmetics on their car, such as a giant pigeon head.

There are hundreds of customizations to unlock in the game, many of them are from the Rocket Pass. The Rocket Pass allows players to play and level up to earn rewards. These rewards range from mystery boxes to new cosmetics. This pass feature has been used in many other games, and was first introduced in Fortnite with the Battle Pass.

Rocket League sideswipe is a super fun game that I believe will only boom in popularity. I look forward to seeing more competition and collaboration on the game around the school.