Rating TikTok Thanksgiving Recipes

When looking for things to make this holiday season, be wary of these TikTok recipes.

Click the link and watch the videos before you read our reviews! 

Weird cranberry casserole thing?


Rating: 0/10
Commentary: I have no clue what would make someone want to make this dish. To begin with, there is nowhere near enough sugar to combat the insane amount of bitter cranberries. To make it worse, adding the pecans to the baked cranberries is absolutely terrible and I think the texture of this dish is probably rancid: mushy and bitter. Also, is this dish supposed to be served cold or warm? At the end of the video, she says “This will last for three weeks”… and she’s probably right… because no one will want to eat this. In the words of Mebron Cayabyab, “this lady is serving straight up fruit porridge”.



Apple and hot honey pull apart bread


Rating: 6/10

Commentary: I get the Thanksgiving vibe here, but I think the textures of cooked apples and bread might be too… spongy? If I bite into bread and there is a whole apple slice I will literally fight someone. Personally, I (Anson) hate the texture of cooked fruit so perhaps my distaste of this dish is because of that. I will add points for hot honey because at least it adds some flavor to this otherwise pale and homogenous dish. Nicole Drucker, an amazing baker, said “I think the best [out of all these recipes] would be the apple cheese bread. I know that some people in my family used to put cheese on apple sometimes, so I guess it may be good.” I appreciate her positive outlook on this dish.


Horrifying Mac and Cheese


Rating: -RAISINS??/10

Commentary: Okay. To start, uncooked noodles. Add milk…and water? There is way too much liquid here. The mozzarella on top plus the whole “block of velveeta cheese in the middle” thing is giving me terrible vibes. The only seasons in sight were salt and pepper. To add on, she puts RAISINS? If I ever bite into a mac and cheese and I taste raisin, I will immediately throw hands. Overall, this dish is horrifying. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities. Even the pilgrims would be disappointed in this dish. When I showed Alexis Mae Bacani the TikTok, her reaction was a questioning “hmmm.”

Even More Horrifying Mac and Cheese


Rating: EVEN WORSE/10

Commentary: This recipe was posted to the same account as the previous mac and cheese, but somehow, this one is worse. Again with the raw, liquidy noodles in the oven, but this time she adds onions and tomatoes instead of the raisins (thank goodness). But with all the added vegetables, the end product looks like a type of dip, not mac and cheese. The noodles aren’t even visible at the end, just a sea of weirdly melted cheese and vegetables.




Layered Mac and Cheese


Rating: 7/10

Commentary: In comparison to the other mac and cheese dishes, this looks good. But, I have personally never seen mac and cheese made like this…the cheese paste is throwing me off. Melting cheese and adding flour seems a bit strange and I think layering the cheese paste and the noodles is terrible. You’re going to get bites of naked noodles and bites of just cheese. Also what’s up with all these mac and cheese toppings? Panko crumbs, really? Why does mac and cheese need a crunchy aspect? Though panko crumbs are a much better topping than raisins. 7/10 because I would probably eat this, even though I’m lactose intolerant.

                          Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Roll Casserole? 


Rating: 2/10
Commentary: In this recipe, I just want to point out that she is using plain pumpkin puree here, not pumpkin pie filling. I think the pumpkin mush probably makes the cinnamon rolls soggy. If you couldn’t tell by now, I cannot stand mushy dishes. Everything needs texture! Sometimes the easiest dish to make isn’t the one you should go with. If you want the taste of pumpkin with your cinnamon rolls, make a pumpkin cream cheese frosting. Or just buy Pillsbury’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I am only giving this a 2/10 because I understand the idea, I just think the execution is…strange. Since Nicole Drucker gave her opinion on the best dish, she had to give her opinion on which one she found the worse, “I think the cinnamon roll one sounds the worst [of these recipes] because they never added any sugar or seasoning to the pumpkin purée, and plain pumpkin purée is bad.” We couldn’t agree more with Nicole. This may be one of the worst desserts I have seen.