Living a Week By the Planets

The ungodly amount of influence Costar has on my life…


Astrology– the contradictory practice of interpreting the star’s movements into personality traits, life guidance, and more. Many people are aware of the star sign they were born under, but do they know that the days of the week are ruled by planets too? This week I set out to live my life according to whatever planet was ruling the day. Taking into account information from and this girl I found on Tiktok, I curated a weekly schedule of activities, outfits, and even songs to listen to determined by the stars.

sleepin #fitcheck

We began the week with a gentle start. Monday is ruled by the moon, which is a planet of emotions and introspection. The ruling sign of the moon is Cancer, and Cancer’s reputation can be summed up into two words: cry baby. Since the moon ebbs and flows, this is a day where you are prone to being fickle and emotional. Taking all of this into mind, I started my Monday with Lana Del Rey’s Blue Banisters on shuffle during my drive to school. The calming and sentimental moodiness of the album was perfect for my moody Monday. I decided to sport a grey and blue toned outfit, because according to that can help enhance the moon’s influence on my day. My motto of the day was rest and manifest, so after school I went on a calming walk and didn’t do any homework.



On Tuesday morning, I woke up with a pep in my step. Probably because the ruling planet of the day was Mars! The ruling sign of the day is Aries, which represents leadership and courage. Due to Aries’ aggressive nature, this was not the day to be tactful. Tuesday is apparently the day to get stuff done and be assertive. So taking the planetary alignments in mind, I donned a red tank in homage to the fire sign and packed my schedule with lots of activities. The anthem of my morning was Want U Back by Cher Lloyd and other upbeat selections from my 2000´s pop playlist, which helped me get into the energetic and motivated mood of the day. I started my morning with a brisk walk with my mom and a delicious breakfast burrito from Second State Coffee. I whizzed from north Mount Pleasant to Sullivan´s Island to visit friends, run errands, and ended my day out on the beach. Once back home, I sat down and cranked out some additional college applications. Overall, it was a very busy and productive day. Was this due to Mars ruling Tuesday or the fact I had no school? Debatable.

the duality of man…

Wednesday´s planet is Mercury. A planet of clear mindset and rational thinking, Mercury´s ruling signs are Gemini and Virgo. I was advised by my online astrology guides to meditate, discuss, organize, or participate in intellectual activities. With this combo, I knew today was the day to tackle the important question: why are Golden Goose shoes popular? Inés Carrillo, Nola Webb, Gracie Mochizuki and I all had a lively discussion in Newspaper about these pricy shoes. The color of the day was a yellow/tan color scheme, which I incorporated by wearing my corduroy jacket and gold accented jewelry.


bad quality photo of the new moon sky

Thursday was a big day for me. Not only was it ruled by Jupiter, it was also a new moon in Scorpio that day! Jupiter’s ruling sign is Sagittarius. Expansion is supported– travel, education, and philosophy were recommended activities to engage in. I was supposed to simultaneously practice gratitude for what I have and reach for more. The color of the day was green, so I grabbed my dad’s letterman jacket from high school and some earthy toned pants to match. I channeled the ‘go getter’ energy of the day to the gym. I made myself an appointment with a personal trainer, and did some cardio and yoga. During my sun salutations, I made sure to think about some things that I was grateful for and push myself to stretch further. Today was also the new moon, so I had to research what things I should do for the new lunar cycle. Due to the moon starting a new cycle, it’s advised to manifest things that you want to bring into your life in the next 2 weeks before the full moon. The dark sky is supposed to be your ‘blank slate’ and represent a ‘multitude of possibilities’. I took a candlelit bath and did a little manifestation/meditation sesh to reflect on things I wanted to bring into my life, and decided on some well deserved relaxation time after my college apps and exercising some more.

fit check pt 2

Now onto Friday. The end of the week naturally is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony, money, and possessions. The ruling signs of Venus are Taurus and Libra, which are known for their charm. The suggested Friday activities are nothing surprising. Shopping and pursuits of the heart are supported during this time, so get out and have some fun! #TGIF. If you want to take it to the extreme, extravagant purchases and weddings are good for this day, but also simple changes of appearance. Need a haircut? Schedule the appointment for a Friday. I kept my outfit on theme for the day by wearing pink (the color of the day) with my heart tank top that Mabry Wise made me. My anthem of the day was 21 Questions by 50 Cent, which was the perfect upbeat flirty song for my Friday. I had work that afternoon, but I kept up the heartfelt theme of the day by discussing my coworker’s love lives. It also did not even feel like work, because I got to hostess with my favorite coworker, Sophie Levenson, which was fitting to keep Friday’s fun mood.

UGGs– making a comeback

Saturday is naturally ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and commitment. The planet’s ruling sign is Capricorn, which is a sign infamous for their hard working attitude and commitment to following the rules. Saturday is good for starting something that you want to be long lasting, due to the planet’s loyal nature. The color of the day was black and purple, so I donned my black Ugg’s to brave the cold weather. I started working on some community service projects that I want to be successful, so hopefully Capricorn’s diligent nature will stay with me as I work on them. And as Train once said, “I’m in love with a working girl.” So I made my way back on over to the good ol’ Community Table to work a dinner shift.

Grif and I brainstormin!

On Sunday, I woke up to the bright rays of sunlight shining through the windows way too early. Though the sun rose way earlier than I would like it to (thanks daylight savings), it was fitting because the ruling planet of the day is the Sun. The Sun rules Leo, which is a confident and outgoing sign. I woke up at Sophie Levenson’s house and shared a delicious everything bagel with her to start the day. After a nice breakfast I had to go to (you guessed it!) work. This was good for me though because I was all about vitality and success today. At work the kitchen made an extra Nutella donut which I got to eat, which was probably due to the fact that Sunday is a lucky day. After work, I zipped over to Waterfront park to pick up some Leukemia Lymphoma Society materials with my brother, and then met with fellow volunteers to brainstorm some fundraising ideas. Sunday is all about vitality and giving, so it was only fitting to work on my fundraisers.

So, after living by the planets for a week, I had to ask myself the question; is it worth it? Did the planet’s actually have an impact on my week? Though I am not sure if the days of the week hold any power over me, it was nice to have more of a schedule to my day. I was more productive than I would have been this week though, so I will most likely obsess over my Costar and let it hold an unhealthy amount of sway on my life.