How far would you go for Love?


Well hello there. Who are you? Based on the fact that you are here, reading; a student or parent. You are curious, searching for some news to read. I should feel honored. Out of all of the new articles you chose me. Why me? Is it how I look on the outside, my simple, yet intriguing title and headline. Or is it what could possibly be inside that you are yearning to know. Your fingers gingerly scroll, looking, reading, thinking. Oh how I would love to know what you are thinking. That wonderful mind of yours, spinning and spinning. I can’t wait for you to get to know me. So go ahead, read on.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you are interested in actually watching the show I suggest you stop here. 


Season 1

You is a show that follows a New York man who works in a local book store named Joe Goldberg. Joe Goldberg has an interesting past, one that is slowly uncovered as the plot line develops. As a child, he sees his mother in an abusive relationship that he ends up taking into his own hands. Joe is raised by Mr. Mooney, the owner of the book store who taught Joe everything about books and created in him a deep love for them. In Season 1, Joe develops an obsession with up and coming writer Guinevere Beck, better known as Beck. To “get the girl” Joe must go through Beck’s friends standing in his way. This includes Benji, Beck’s ex-fling, who Joe disposes of by keeping him in a glass cage and then killing him, and Peach Salinger, who is definitely Joe’s greatest obstacle. Peach had caught on to Joe and tried to keep Beck away from him (mostly because she secretly was obsessed with her as well), but in the end, Joe killed her too. Unfortunately, Joe was unable to keep this identity hidden and Beck discovered the real him. While locked in Joe’s cage, Beck writes a riveting story that outlines her capture and murder, but instead of saying the guilty man was Joe, she says it was her therapist. So, Joe does what he has to do; publishes the book and frames the therapist for the death of Guinevere Beck.

Season 2

After being confronted by his ex-girlfriend Candace, Joe moves to LA under the name Will Bedelhiem, where he develops a new obsession with a woman named Love. Love Quinn comes from a messed up family of wealth who has covered up past family incidents with money. Her best friend is her addict twin brother Forty, who depends on her too much. Joe lives in an apartment complex run by a woman named Delilah, who he becomes close friends with. Delilah has a younger sister named Ellie who Joe takes under his wing and is an important character in this season. Although he thought he had escaped her, Candace was determined to get justice because Joe almost killed her, and found him in LA. It is Candace who revealed Joe’s true identity to Delilah and Love, forcing Joe to kill again to keep his secret safe. However, the real surprise is when it is revealed that Love is just as messed up as Joe, and would also kill for him.


Season 3

Season 3 is by far the most insane and intense season of them all. To escape their murderous past, Joe and Love move to Madre Linda, a quiet Suburban area where they raise their son Henry. However, once again Joe has a new obsession, the next door neighbor, leading Love to murder yet again. The Goldberg-Quinns befriend local celebrities Sherry and Carrie Conrad, a mommy-blogger and fitness fanatic who basically run the town. Through this friendship, Joe finds himself, and Love becomes one with the Madre Linda life. This is short lived though, as Love accidentally lets it slip that it was her that killed the neighbor, and they are forced to lock the Conrads in the cage. Meanwhile, Love has an ongoing “affair” with the neighbor’s son Theo, who falls madly in love with Love and Joe moves onto an infatuation with his boss at the library Marianne. Theo finds the Conrads and to deal with this issue, Love attempts to kill him as well. At the same time, Joe is finding ways to make Marianne’s life better and get rid of Love so he can be with her. The end of this season is truly a shock, and one that I will keep to myself for now.


My Opinions: 

I absolutely LOVED this show. I am honestly pretty picky about what shows I watch on my own and sometimes get so bored to the point of falling asleep, but I could not stop watching You. From the plot line, to the character development, and to the acting itself, You is a show that is constantly entertaining. Penn Badgley does an amazing job in his role of Joe and really takes on this creepy and obsessive “stalker.” And don’t even get me started on Victoria Pedretti. I do not think there is another actress who could have played Love as well as Pedretti. Her ability to take on the emotions of the character allows the audience to truly understand Love and also see how absolutely insane of a woman she is. Personally, I liked seasons 2 and 3 more than season 1. Season 1 was interesting and just enough to get you hooked, but the other seasons are just more intense. I did not find Beck’s character nearly as interesting as Love’s (part of this definitely has to do with how much I like Pedretti) and liked the overall action of the other seasons more. I can’t wait for season 4 (which has been confirmed!!!).

I could go on and on about this show and would love to talk about it with anyone who has watched or just needs a little more convincing. But for the rest of you, I highly suggest watching You.