Fit Checks w Teagan and Inés

The yassification of Magnet fashion

What’s up Raptor Nation, it’s your favorite newspaper writers, Teagan and Inés, with another collab. This week we are going to be fit checking the school. We kept our eyes peeled for the fashionistas of the Bonds Wilson campus, and the student body did not disappoint. Without further ado, here are our lucky Raptors who are featured this week. 

Mr. Cosgrove alert!

Senior Alex Levin came to school “absolutely dripping” as Mr. Cosgrove eloquently said. He was rocking his signature hat and Jordans. However, for his actual outfit he mixed it up a little. This outfit was sponsored by Old Navy, where Levin purchased his jeans and Casper tee. His jeans featured a couple rips at the knee and hip #scandalous. 😻😻 The Talon is loving the look Alex, so chic! 

so chic, so glam, so vogue

 Aanika Dhawan walked into school just as she always does, wearing the cutest outfits we know we can expect from her. Today we found her sporting the recent brown/neutral/warm toned fashion trend from head to toe, and it was a must to document her color coordination. The shirt, the vest, the skirt, and the matching cream-colored Converse were all we needed to  call this outfit a win, but sadly the late bell rang and we were forced to go our separate ways before I could get the designer names for her fit. I guess we’ll never know #mystery

a close up of Blair’s fire ring game
fitted up!













Blair Henry strutted into school wearing a fit she knew had to be appreciated. An homage to the Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away, today’s fit did what needed to be done. A classic not-so-plain white tee featuring the iconic bathhouse from the movie was the star of Blair’s show, with some comfy brown pants to match and her jewelry hidden gems that she was eager to reveal. First up came earrings, sporting Spirited Away’s Haku in dragon form, and then two rings, one with a matching Haku, and another piece of bling featuring snakes. When asked to name her designer as she was walking off, she whispered, “Hot Topic”, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

the sun shining angelically down on Shay Sussy Seim

Senior Shay Seim popped off with his classic Shay fit that day. Featuring his signature khaki shorts, Shay is also rocking a couple grass stains. He chronically suffers from a condition called “Shay Butt”, where he stands up after lunch to see his shorts wet from the grass. At first considered a downfall, Shay is undoubtedly a trendsetter by making the stains today in the shape of a heart. Keep your eyes peeled for other students attempting to rock the same stains Shay has patented. For outfit details, he revealed his shorts are from the one and only Aidan McKittrick. He also was wearing his “LeConte Lodge” sweatshirt that day, a Shay Seim staple. 

Nola, absolutely stanced up

At first glance, we knew Nola’s outfit was one that the world needed to see. Nola Webb comes into school every single day of the week absolutely slaying the house down, and today was no exception. After a quick paparazzi attack with exceptional poses from our model, we demanded some brand reveals, and as the non-gaslight girlboss that Nola is, we received (most of) them. Shoes from Vans, a classic; dress from her mom, so clearly a family heirloom; and then her piece de resistance shirt was Nola’s little secret. 

Stay tuned for next week, and make sure to wear some of your best fits so you can be featured!! (Watch out underclassmen, we’ll be featuring you guys soon) #UpYourFashionGameMagnet ;-l If you have a good fit, you can either find us snacking in the senior lounge or sitting underneath our fav tree in the courtyard.