Minecraft: Wild Update Features [RANKING]


I can count the things I am confident in on one hand, and the quality of my Minecraft views is one of those things. Consider my rankings of the recently announced Minecraft features expert advice. I will be combining some of these features (for example: I will rank the Mangrove Tree as one item, rather than ranking the roots, droppable seeds, and log blocks separately). Please enjoy and feel free to argue with me about my rankings.

(16) Mangrove Wood:

Introducing a new wood type is always interesting and necessary for the building community. However, I can’t help but see mangrove wood as only a very slightly darker version of jungle wood. It’s great to have a new wood type, but mangrove wood just isn’t that special. If anything, the logs themselves are more exciting than the planks.

(15) Mud Bricks:

Minecraft has plenty of brown blocks, and builders have essentially already figured out what looks good as far as brick buildings go. The motive behind adding mud bricks is genuine though, the creators of Minecraft trying to expose their demographic to the building materials of less industrial areas of the world.

(14) Mangrove Trees:

Minecraft can always use a new variety of tree, and the mangrove is especially unique. From the special root blocks to the floating-seed mechanic, the mangrove tree offers a new atmospheric twist to the game. However, it is just a tree and will become uninteresting much faster than some of the big features that are being added.

(13) Boat with Chest:

This feature definitely feels like something that should have been added to the game sooner, but it’s necessary for sure. Early game, the boat with chest will be great for transporting an inventory’s worth of items. Even for later in the game, filling the boat with chest with shulker boxes could be useful (but honestly the chest with minecart can already do this and come the 1.18 update rails and minecarts will be able to travel through water anyway).

(12) Allay:

I would personally put the allay higher on this list, but I understand that fans were passionate about their votes for the glair or copper golem. Dream (the epic Minecraft YouTuber) did have a lot of influence on the mob vote (just like last year…I’m still upset about moobloom not winning). Regardless of the loss of the glair and the copper golem, we have to admit that the allay will offer very interesting and unique mechanics to the game. Contrary to popular belief, the allay does not duplicate items. The allay will, however, bring you more of whatever item you give it, so long as that item is dropping in a specified radius. This unique mechanic will definitely spin the gears of creators in the Minecraft community and result in a multitude of new farms and redstone designs.

(11) Skulk Catalyst (and skulk):

The skulk catalyst and skulk have been a bit overrated in my opinion. As far as texture and design go, they are great, but I don’t see the mechanics of the blocks being as important as some are anticipating. While the block is able to store XP at the death of nearby mobs, I don’t see such a feature being very useful. Minecraft creators have already designed dozens of XP farms that work better than this. Also, according to a recent snapshot of the skulk catalyst, the growing skulk is only able to store so much XP before capping (and it’s not an impressive amount). Nonetheless, the skulk catalyst and growing skulk will be awesome for the atmosphere of the new ‘Deep Dark’ biome. I would rank the skulk catalyst higher if it did something specific as far as redstone goes, but as of right now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

(10) Mud:

Renewable clay, bricks, terracotta, (and mud bricks?) all from dirt! I can’t wait to see what the redstone community does with mud. The potential for this feature is massive.

(9) Fireflies:

Fireflies have been added in modded versions of the game, and I feel that they are long overdue. The often cozy atmosphere of Minecraft needs fireflies to be completed. Additionally, I predict that Mojang will add more features (like nets or placable bottles) to go alongside fireflies. Just imagine: your small cabin lit by the soft glow of a jar of fireflies.

(8) Atmospheric Biomes:

Ranked just a bit higher than fireflies is Mojang’s initiative to make biomes more atmospheric. This feature would be in the top three if it weren’t for Mojang’s vagueness on the topic. According to some of the concept art they revealed, biomes are going to get incredible overhauls…it would just be nice to see what that will look like in-game.

(7) Swamp Revamp:

A revamp of the swamp was promised a while back, and it’s long overdue. This feature ranks relatively high overall, because it encompasses mangrove trees, fireflies, and mud blocks.

(6) Darkness Effect:

Ranking the darkness effect so high may seem like a crime, but the spookier features will add so much to the overall game of Minecraft. For so long Minecraft has generally had two sides on a surface level: cute and creepy. With features like the axolotl, bee, and goat being added recently, we are long overdue for some spooky additions. The darkness effect will add a lot to the game and it tips the cute-creepy levels back into balance.

(5) Skulk Shriekers:

Just like the darkness effect, shriekers take the creepiness of the game to a new level. If walking through a dark cave wasn’t enough, Mojang decided to add a block that screams at the queue of your footsteps. In community with all the other deep dark features, the shrieker will become a staple for in-game creepiness and atmosphere.

(4) Skulk Sensors:

I will probably end up ranking this feature even higher by the time the redstone community has figured out everything that can be done with the skulk sensor. The block offers more for the creepy cave atmosphere that Mojang is building on and finally adds a form of wireless redstone to the game.

(3) Warden:

It communicates with skulk blocks, has a multitude of new mechanics, is basically a new boss, and rises from the ground in the gloomy darkness of its cave dwelling. The visual design of the new mob is spectacular and it adds a new level of intensity to the game. This, right here, is how you make a new mob.

(2) Deep Dark:

The deep dark encompasses the warden, skulk blocks, and darkness effect. This new biome adds a level of lore to the game that has been needed for a long time. Players have been asking for underground biomes for years, and we’re finally getting one. The deep dark is rich in atmosphere, and the bizarre new ‘frame block’ seen (hardly) in the image above might mean a portal to a brand new dimension in the coming future.

(1) Frogs:

Frogs win. Honestly if you disagree with me on this one then come talk to me.