Best New Movies

Best New Movies

One Night in Miami

Although I haven’t seen this movie yet, I’ve heard pretty good things. This movie features various black characters who have all had a great impact on their field of focus including Malcolm X, Jim Brown (football player), Muhammad Ali, and Sam Cooke (singer). All of these people convene in Miami and basically share their time there. The constant battle is between Sam Cooke who is more of a carefree and fun loving person while Malcolm is serious and wants Cooke to represent the black artists in a positive way. One thing that all of the guys can agree on is a desire for freedom. All of the guys have people trying to use them for their talents and don’t care about who they really are. These guys spend the movie trying to escape this stronghold and finding fun and freedom.

Identifying Features

This of the very few 2021 movies that I have seen so far and it is definitely my favorite. This movie shows a mother who was separated from her son at the Mexican border and she spends the rest of the movie trying to find him. She travels through the dangerous country of Mexico and she sees many terrible things on her journey like poverty, gangs, and just overall dusty and lonely locations. She meets a man who was deported from his United States clan and they both continue their journey together since they have similar ambitions. The movie does a great job of displaying the despair and desperation that comes along with separation from family and friends. It shows horrible events and demonstrates why separated families are such a nightmare.

A Glitch in the Matrix

One conspiracy theory that I have some faith in is the fact that we are in a simulation. This movie is completely dominated by the idea that humans are in a complete simulation and we are like pawns to beings above us that we cannot even comprehend. The main character, Joshua Cooke, uses skype to discuss this very possibility to many different people worldwide who all have similar opinions. He presents these people as animations to conceal their identities and they all embark on the task of proving that somehow they are right. Although they know that if it was true, there is a very little chance that they could prove it, they choose to dedicate themselves to this challenge.