Creating My Pinterest Dream House

Hey MTV, Welcome to My Crib

From time to time I take a gander through Pinterest solely to look at house inspo. Due to some slight writers block I have decided that my article for this week will be to create my ideal house solely through Pinterest photos. I will be looking for pictures for 6 parts of the house: garden, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, livingroom, porch, and loft. I will not be making sure the different parts of the house match in terms of color etc., because honestly I like houses that are a little random. 




I honestly am not sure if I’ll even have a garden in the future, but I knew these pictures would be aesthetic so here we are. Realistically I don’t know if I would be able to care for this many plants at once but a girl can dream. I decided on this greenhouse because it reminds me a lot of the one the dad had in “A Bridge to Terabithia”. For some reason the floor pattern was really speaking to me even though it’s a little loud it’s somehow still really cool. Also I like how the orange tree is running along the ceiling. Moving on ->






First, the cats sitting on the counter made this photo. When I picture myself in my future kitchen this is exactly what I’m seeing. The cats, the overly decorated refrigerator, everything is 10/10. Also I love the natural lighting and the big window is a must. The only thing that I would change is I think there could be more decorations on the walls because there’s a lot of blank white space. Overall though this one is pretty close to a kitchen I see myself having in the future.






For some reason finding a bathroom was the hardest one, and I’m still not completely sold on this one. I think it’s dope, but I’m not too sure it’s my “dream shower” dope. I really like the big tub and the big windows, but I’m not 100% sold on the shower’s tile colors. I do really like the high ceiling though. It is slightly too minimalistic for my type but I can see the appeal.





I couldn’t find an exact replica of the room that I pictured in my head, but this one comes pretty close. I love the chairs and the different colored pillows, but I’m not a huge fan of the plant that’s draping down. I do like the bookshelf though and I like how the books aren’t perfectly placed, it makes the room seem very relaxed. Obviously there’s no bed or anything so it’s missing a few key details but I think it’s pretty close to what I would choose.


Living Room:





Okay scratch what I said about the bathroom, the living room was by far the hardest to look for. I’m not completely in love with this room because it’s lacking a lot of color but I think I could spice it up. I do love the high ceilings and the big windows but white couches are always a no for me. I love the plants of course as well but the light fixture in the middle is meh. Overall this isn’t really what I’m looking for but I searched for so long I got bored of looking at living rooms.


Porch/Outdoor Area:

This one is the closest I’ve been able to find so far in terms of my actual “dream” ____. I would probably change up the table slightly to something more round, but I like the benches instead of individual chairs. I also really like the lights and the greenery of course. I definitely would get rid of the table cloth though I feel like that throws off the vibe. I tried to look for something similar to the vibe of the back porch/area in CMBYN, if you know you know.

Loft Area:








Okay so including a loft area was not a part of the original plan but I still have 200 words left until I reach my minimum so here we are. I am a fan of lofts however I wouldn’t say it’s a must for my dream home, but the one I found is pretty dope. I really like all of the different colors and especially the green couch. I am definitely a big fan of the studio look and I can’t see it very well but what I can see of the green kitchen looks cool. The only thing that I would change is the strange art fixture or whatever that is hanging from the ceiling near the top of the loft.

That’s everything. I feel like I may have to do a part 2 at some point because I think I could have found better options for some of the categories but I’m tired of scrolling through Pinterest at the moment.