Best 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl advertisements always play a huge role in adding to the hype of the annual championship game. This year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers challenged the Kansas City Chiefs for the championship title. I analyzed all of the advertisements from this game from funny to heartwarming and everything in between. From here, I ranked the top ten best commercials in my opinion.

10. No Way Norway

General Motor’s commercial, featuring Will Farrell, gets a spot on this list solely because of its cleverness. Because Norway sells more cars than the U.S. per year, the television star calls up his friends, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson to take one of GM’s electric vehicles to Norway to show them what’s up. Combined with a humorous aspect, GM takes this opportunity to reveal their new Ultium battery and their plans to beat Norway.



9. Bud Light Lemons

This Bud Light commercial describes 2020 as a “lemon of a year”. Compared to other commercials, this one does a great job of referencing the pandemic without stating it. Lemons fall from the sky while ruining baseball games, weddings, and more. The company then proceeds to reveal their new lemonade seltzer by explaining, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.



8. M&M’s come together

This commercial, starring Saturday Night Live host Dan Levy, gains spot number eight on this list because it’s pretty funny. It basically says that you can do anything as long as you ask for forgiveness with a bag of M&Ms. The commercial makes references to trends such as calling people Karen and extravagant gender reveals.



7. Samuel L. Jackson Verizon

This Verizon commercial advertises their new ultra-wideband. Samuel L. Jackson stands in front of a group of fictional video game characters. JuJu Smith is also featured in the commercial. Jackson explains that the new ultra-wideband will allow gamers to not blame their losses on lagging. In the end, JuJu comes riding on a shark and swallows Samuel L. Jackson.



6. Cheetos it wasn’t me

Cheeto’s Super Bowl commercial featured That 70s Show stars, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They sang a parody to Shaggy’s hit song, “It Wasn’t Me”. Ashton asked where his Cheetos went and Mila explained that it wasn’t her in the song. Shaggy then steps in and sings his verse in the parody about the Cheetos. The collaboration of these three stars made this commercial awesome.



5. Space-X

This is one of the most exciting Super Bowl ads that I saw this year. Space-X has announced its first “all-civilian” space launch called Inspiration4. Four people will be going into space. The first, Jared Isaacman, is the CEO of Shift4 Payments. Two seats will go to St. Jude and the last will be chosen from an online competition where volunteers must make a 10 dollar donation minimum to St. Jude and post a video to Twitter about their entrepreneurial life.



4. Bud Light Legends

Bud Light’s commercial this year featured many legends including Post Malone, Cedric the Entertainer, the “I Love You, Man” guy, the Bud Knight, and Oracle Susana. The legends come out of the woods to help the Bud Light truck driver whose truck flipped over. The Bud Knight flips it back over and then gets high fived off a cliff. This was a funny commercial and included many iconic people which made this ad great.



3. Matthew McConaughey 3D Doritos

Dorito’s Super Bowl commercials are always pretty weird but most of the time really funny. This year’s commercial featured actor Matthew McConaughey but his body is two dimensional like Flat Stanley. At the end of the commercial, he gets the new 3D Doritos by going inside of a vending machine and turns back to normal when he eats them where he is squeezed against the vending machine.



2. Tom Brady and Gronk T-Mobile

This was definitely the funniest Super Bowl commercial this year. It featured the two former teammates of the Patriots Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Gronk retired from football two years ago while Tom Brady got traded to the Buccaneers. The commercial shows the two talking on the phone and Gronk is playing golf. He tells Brady to retire with him but because of the bad service, he hears Gronk saying “If you retire now, you’re soft and weak. Just come to Florida and win another one.” The two ended up winning the super bowl in Florida this year.


“If you retire now, you’re soft and weak. Just come to Florida and win another one.””

— Rob Gronkowski



1. Reddit

Reddit used all of its marketing budgets on five seconds of a Super Bowl ad. I think this deserves the number one spot because of the effectiveness of this ad. It highlighted the short squeeze of the GameStop stock and how the Reddit community is so tight that they can come together to accomplish great things.




Well, there you have it, folks. This is the top ten best advertisements from this year’s crazy super bowl. From the Weeknd’s performance to the horrible game, I would call this a sub-par Super Bowl. Although the game wasn’t great, I would say that this year’s commercials were above average. Thank you for reading come again next time.